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chip="mw-headline" id="Amateur_career">Amateur Karriere[edit]>> He made his début in the featherweight category at the tender ages of 17. On December 15, 2002 the battle took place at the Prefecture High School in Osaka, Japan. Kyong-Soo Chung in the first round of the planned four rounds. He fought his next match in February 2003, a six-round match against Chawal Sor Vorapin at the renowned Korakuen Hall in Tokyo.

It was fought on NTV G+ in Japan. Pre-apin was thrown in round 1 and Linares was down in round 2 when the battle went to the score cards. It was Linares who won a unanimous vote (59-54 58-54 58-54-58-54). In his next five matches, Linares hovered between superbantam weight and feather weight and was unbeaten.

Linares was 19 years old and on January 31, 2004 he competed at El Poliedro in Caracas against 36-year-old vet and several times heavyweight champions Hugo Rafael Soto (55-9-2, 38 KOs) in his home Venezuela. He won the WBA Fedelatin Superbantamweight vacancy award after having won a unison test with grades of 100-90, 100-90 and 99-91.

Sooto withdrew after this war. In his 10th pro match in August 2004, after winning over Renan Acosta (13-1, 5 KOs) at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, he won the WBA Fedelatin Spring Weight Championship. There were 10 laps with the results of 98-95 98-96 97-95 all in favour of Linares.

After a series of four victories, all over a break, Linares defied 30-year-old Jean Javier Sotelo (13-2, 8 KOs) for the WBA Fedecentro spring weight rank. On May 6, 2005 the battle took place in the Estadio Luna Park in Buenos Aires. For the first game in his carreer, Linares was defeated in round 2.

10 ] Linares spend the next year in Venezuela, Japan and South Korea. On October 15, 2011, Linares competed at the Staples Center against Antonio DeMarco for the WBC light-weight construction vacancy award. 28 ] He overtook DeMarco 216 to 97 in the overall standings, but was defeated by TKO after he had suffered a large incision on his nose, which finally allowed DeMarco to pound on him and forced the umpire to stop the battle in the 11th round.

40Win37-3Ira TerryKO2 (8), 1:21Aug 16, 2014StubHub Center, Carson, California, USA 39Win36-3Nihito ArakawaUD10Mar 8, 2014MGM Grand Garden Arena, Paradise, Nevada, USA 35Win32-3Héctor VelázquezUD10Oct 7, 2012Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, California, USA Series ^ "Ratings - The Ring". Retracted 2018-02-20. Skip upwards ^ "TBRB Rankings". Jumping upwards ^ "BoxRec: Retracted 2018-02-20. Leap upwards ^ Michael Rosenthal (December 13, 2007).

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