Lin Kar Yee Kyaw

Yee Kyaw Lin Kar

Lín Kar Yee Kyaw - novels of knowledge. However, he didn't get the right grades to go to medical school and my father was depressed," Linkar Yi Kyaw told the Myanmar Times after the book was presented. Kyar taung pan khat tan(Lin Kar Yee Kyaw). The legacy of Lin Kar Yee Kyaw.

Left Yi Kyaw author of books and recipes

It is difficult for those who have passed their school-leaving exams with distinction to resist the parents' desire to have their children become doctors, which is one of the most respected professional options in Myanmar. Myint Ye Kyaw is one of those who, after receiving high grades, were prompted by his father's desire to attend medical school.

Myint Kyaw kept his passions going by doing literature at college and after his doctorate. Under the alias leftist Yi Kyaw, he began to earn credit as an writer in the 1940s and has since received two National Literary Awards for his work. "He was wiser than I was at college to become a physician.

However, he didn't get the right grades to go to med school and my dad was depressed," Linkar Yi Kyaw said to the Myanmar Times after the presentation of the film. Myint Kyaw followed his father's desires, but he used the University of Medicine's yearly journal as an outlet to be creative.

In 1981, his first brief history was published under the name Linkar Yi Kyaw. His first novel, Kyo Kyar Taung Pan Khat Than (the fluttering noise of a crane), was written in 1985 as an apprentice in a Yangon clinic. Hnit Taine Nyo Nyo Hmar Ngwe Zar Cot Kae Hnit (1988; a browny clouds with stripes of silver), while he served as a military medal.

A journalist of a less well-known journal said to me one of these days that I like to post my works," said Linkar Yi Kyaw. To the publisher he showed the script for Kyo Kyar Taung Pan Khat Than, which depicts the lives of a unselfish physician in a mountain city.

While it was a tough launch, Linkar Yi Kyaw became famous at the tender of 48 when Kyo Kyar Taung Pan Khat Than was eventually released in 2007. It won him a National Literary Award and was turned into a movie that won two Myanmar Academy Awards. In 2009, his second novel, Dr. Shwe Thwe and Ma Pan Hmone, won another national literature prize, while his Pan Daung, which deals with a female who becomes a nun, will be transformed into a movie later this year.

When you are a pro, you have to take it on your shoulders whether you like it or not," said Leftist Yi Kyaw. Said it was not possible to stop his medicinal careers, but at the same moment he could not survive without a letter. However, leftist Yi Kyaw added that it is not possible to totally divorce his physician from his letter, and many people in his book are faced with the horrible destiny of illness.

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