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The Limbang is a border town and the capital of the Limbang District in the Limbang Division in the north of Sarawak, East Malaysia, on the island of Borneo. Discover the holidays in Limbang and discover the best time and places to visit. Formed like a crab claw, the Limbang Division cuts Brunei in half. Although it has the pleasant atmosphere of an isolated administrative centre inside Sarawak, Limbang does not have much to offer the traveller. The Limbang is geographically peculiar as it lies between two parts of Brunei.

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The Limbang is a frontier city and the capitol of the Limbang District in the Limbang Division in the north of Sarawak, East Malaysia, on the Isle of Borneo. Situated on the bank of the Limbang River (Sungai Limbang in Malay), between the two parts of Brunei. "Sultan Hashim's Limbang defeat had maimed him like the defeat of a limb," Malcolm McArthur, 1904.

It has been recognized the economical importance of Limbang from the fifteenth to the present time. While Limbang was still under the dominion of Brunei, Limbang was regarded as the "Rice Bowl" of Brunei, as Limbang was an important manufacturer and distributor of sugar and travel to Brunei. One of the reasons why Limbang was occupied by Rajah Charles Brooke of Sarawak was its economical importance.

The airport Limbang is serving Limbang, which also covers the whole Limbang area. Due to its geographic position, Limbang is totally isolated from the remaining Sarawak roads. However, it has a good street connection to both parts of Brunei, which are situated in the eastern and western parts of the area.

There' also a good urban street system in the area. In the Limbang area there are two crossings, both leading to Brunei. 43 km to the west of Limbang, it is the intersection in the major part of Brunei of Limbang. Brunei's control point is known as Kuala Lurah.

Situated 15 km from Limbang on the Pandaruan Riverside, this control point marks the boundary between Sarawak and the Temburong county of Brunei. On the Brunei side, the check point is Puni, situated in a timber structure 500 metres from the dock. The Pandaruan Bridge was opened on 8 December 2013, so the Pandaruan no longer has to be crossed by boat.

Since the only street link outside the county is via Brunei, a pass is required to get to or from Limbang. Limbang Regional Museum is housed in a fortress constructed in 1897 by Rajah Charles Brooke. Situated in the area attached to Narawak by White Rajah in 1890.

Bukit Mas (literally translated: Gold Hill Lake Park) is an amusement complex in Limbang's icon Bukit Mas trait. It is a good place for the inhabitants of Limbang to enjoy their evenings with leisure pursuits. Situated in the city center and often referred to as the definitive center of Limbang, is the Limbang Plaza.

The Purnama Hotel, a commercial centre and various authorities (directly at the top of the commercial centre). "The Pasar Tamu" is a meeting where villagers came to the city of Limbang to buy their goods. wikivoyage has a guidebook for limbang.

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