Discover the holidays in Lilongwe and discover the best time and places to visit. Packed full, chaotic and full of commerce, Lilongwe feels fit to burst. Activities in Lilongwe, Central Region:

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At Lilongwe (, US also; Chewa:[?i??o.???e]), Malawi's main town, the country has an expected 1,077,116 inhabitants by 2015. Situated in the Malawi metropolitan area, close to the Mozambique and Zambia border, the town is an important business and transport junction for Malawi [2] and takes its name from the Lilongwe River.

Malawi Legislature is based in Lilongwe. The Lilongwe is nestled on a plain in central Malawi that is part of the East African Rift Valley at an elevation of 1,050 metres above sealevel along the Lilongwe River. Lilongwe Municipality is subdivided into areas to which a number is allocated.

Lilongwe homes get a number: But Lilongwe is a partner: ikimedia Commons has medias that refer to Lilongwe.

City of Lilongwe - Useful information about the capital Malawi

Malawi's capital Lilongwe is called after the great Lilongwe River which joins Lake Malawi. This is an unusually verdant urban area with forests and meadows that covers much of the town. Lilongwe was for hundreds of years a small fishermen' town on the bank of the river Lilongwe.

Situated in the center of the county near the border with Mozambique and Zambia, it was used as an administration center by colonial Britain. New and old are the two parts of the town. To the south, the old town lies around the centuries-old fishermen's hamlet, while the new town or capitol increased in size after President Banda relocated the capitol from Zomba.

Neustadt is the place where Lilongwe's departments, agencies, accommodation facilities and Embassies are located, and the Old Town is full of caf├ęs, Restaurants, buses and marketplaces. There are many bank ers and Capital Hill in the center where there are over a Dozen Departments. Lilongwe's rainy seasons are from December to March and the mean temperature is in the 20's and sometimes even in the 30's.

Lilongwe Wilderness Centre saves deserted wildlife and protects them until they can be repaired if possible. Come to the Kumbali Cultural Village to see Malay dances and drums, audio lives and a Malay evening meal. Because of the volatile natures of the ex-pat communities in Lilongwe, there are always those who want to buy and resell home appliances, automobiles and even domestic toys!

The Lilongwe International Airports (also known as Kamuzu International Airport) is about 30 km away from the town. There is a runway and a spacious outdoor decking area with restaurants and bars, providing a great place to unwind before take-off. If you would like more information about our service, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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