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More about US Our service is for the real traveller, not for the tourists. We' re avoiding Myanmar's trade tourism cycle at all. They are the ones who are looking for a real link with the land and its wonderful, down-to-earth inhabitants; the ones who appreciate nice, untouched and singular sceneries off the well-trodden paths. We' re an environmentally aware, conscientious travel agency and we try to smile only.

All of our work is with native Myanmar and we train them as boatmen, guide and tourist guide. Providing help and guidance to other locals seeking to serve Myanmar's emerging tourist sector. There is only one foreigner in our team, a residency in the Burma (and his knowledge of the Myanmar languages is getting better every day).

With our in-house expertise in South Burma, we can provide you with the best. With our commitment to working with you at every step of the design lifecycle, we can refine your needs, your operations, accommodations, transfers and fringe benefits.

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It' all in the name - instead of keep you away from the locals and their life, this trip takes you right into the centre of the whole. On one point, when we visited a small fishing town, we went to a burial party and were asked to join the whole community for supper and soon sat at the mourning widow's tables and heard the tale of her deceased husband's life while we held her 12 month old twins' great-grandchildren in our hands.

Another day, when we attended the 150th birthday celebrations of a nearby Buddhist shrine, we were led into the front rows by several hundred Buddhist prayers and then asked to be seated next to the main one. South Burma is so isolated that we have rarely encountered other aliens.

Whereever we came from, we were seen as visitors, not visitors, and now tens of Myanmarers have to show our images on their smart phones and tell their buddies about the faded aliens from "Lussemba" (as they like to call our country) they hit. This is a great part of the trip because the trip is a great way to get closer to the everyday life of the Myanmar population, through the unparalleled combinations of visits to the temple, factory, markets and festivals; traveling in automobiles (mostly), train, boat, ferry, bus, rickshaw and motorcycle; dropping in the teas and restaurant; dining in after lunch snacks market (we used to love this idea - the dying of chocolate milkpancakes!) and afternoons.

Charming director Andre, a German computer scientist and former hard core back packer (as he loves to put it), has realized that the charms of this land lie not only in its countless palagodas and buddha's (although they are no less dramatic - to stand in shwedagon when the settin' solar shine against the gold-plated top or walk up the stairs to the creepy temples compound in Mawlamyine are experience you will probably never forget),

It is not just in people's daily life and has mirrored this in its tours to perfection. You start with an unforgettable shellfish meal in Myeik, where you eat things you never thought possible and then ask for seconds, and it never stops until they take you back to the airfield.

It has also succeeded in recruiting individuals who have the same passions and understands him. Our tour leaders, especially the soft and sophisticated Nan Pan, who through long discussion and many tees and treats in his favorite teahouses (he must know half the local population and most of his teahouses) sharing with us his profound knowledge of Myanmar's cultural and historical background, and our rider, the always laughing Moe, who maneuvered us through Myanmar's towns with infinite perseverance of skil.

Many times they have been able to bring us nearer to the human race than we could ever have done alone (in Mawlamyine we were asked to come to the privately owned homes of the temple's oldest friars - with some of the most stunning architectures and decoration - and to join them, two of our 1980s brothers).

The itinerary is perfect for those whose bustling life and restricted free time no longer allow them to pack their backpacks (and who may have begun to look for a little more comfort), but who are basically backpacker tourists with an insatiable urge to find and research.

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