The Letpatan Township (Burmese: ?????

????????????) is a community in the Tharrawaddy district in the Bago region of Burma. Capital is Letpadan. Receive the Letpadan weather forecast. Latviapadan (township, Myanmar) with population statistics, maps, map and location. The Letpadan Map Are you looking for the map of Letpadan?

Letpadan's crackdown: Violence and violations of freedom of assembly and expression - Myanmar

After a week-long stalemate in the city of Letpadan in the Bago region of Myanmar on 10March 2015, policemen forcibly crushed a group of some 200 demonstrators protesting against the recently adopted national education law. A few clandestine clashes took place a few nights before the attack, in which the demonstrators were blocked and stopped from proceeding on their way to Yangon.

After the escalation of tensions in the mornings on March 10, policemen stormed the group with their truncheons pulled and struck demonstrators and those around them heavily. As of the date of the letter, the Government of Myanmar has not taken any known disciplinary or penal measures against policemen who have been implicated in the overuse of violence in Letpadan.

On 10 March, policemen detained 127 demonstrators, reporters and spectators in Letpadan and misused persons in policing detention. As of the date of the letter, 77 men and wives detained in Letpadan were sentenced to up to nine years and six month in prison. 50 of those detained are behind bars. No.

The Fortify Rights and Harvard Law School International Human Rights Clinic (hereinafter "the Clinic") conducted interviews with 25 eye-witnesses to the March 10 event and analysed more than 500 photos and 40 video footage taken during the protests and repression in Letpadan. Numerous policemen who have used excess violence in Letpadan are clearly visible in these photos and video clips, and eye-witness accounts point to several commander-at-arms.

Myanmar: Keep the policemen responsible for the action against Letpadan.

The organisations said the agencies should free people who are wrongly imprisoned for the exercise of their right to free association and free speech. Policemen also beaten demonstrators in policing detention, at least one of whom was ambulanced and others whose handcuffs were tied behind their backs. And the new story, Crackdown in Letpadan:

Violation and violations of the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and expression in Letpadan, Bago region, Myanmar also detail how not all policemen involved in the scenes involved in the clash. A number of policemen used insurgency shielding or their own body to prevent demonstrators from being attacked by other policemen, further proof of the unwarranted use of assault by some policemen.

On 10 March, the policemen detained 127 demonstrators, reporters and spectators in Letpadan. Seventy seven men and woman who have been detained in Letpadan face up to nine years and six month in prison. A number of students' guides are charged several times under a peace meeting bill, which may extend their punishments for years.

Myanmar's government detained scores of other students' leader and activist for their participation in the Letpadan and elsewhere demonstrations in the week and month after the Letpadan beheading. The Myanmar National Human Rights Commission (MNHRC) published a declaration on 11 September in which it called for the disciplining of policemen in Letpadan for the use of overviolence.

It claims that the beatings of demonstrators have resulted in injury and that the demonstrators should not be charged under the Criminal Law. The MNHRC has not dealt in particular with the limitations on the right to free association and free speech and the indiscriminate apprehension and imprisonment of persons in connection with the outcry.

According to interna-tional laws, arrests and detentions are inadmissible when an individual carries out a protective function, such as the exercise of his right to free association and a free speech in peace. The Mandalay demonstrators began marching southwards in January 2015 to show their resistance to the national education bill adopted by parliament in September 2014.

At the beginning of March, Lettpadan demonstrators were blocked by local law enforcement. When the demonstrators tried to contest the stalemate on 10 March, policemen forcibly scattered the group of 200 demonstrators. 0044, Tyler Giannini, Director, Harvard Law School International Humane rights Clinic: Our mission is to examine and record abuse, offer tailored tecnical assistance to HR professionals and advocate workarounds.

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