Let the Fox say

Lets the Fox say

As the brothers were gathering ideas for possible promos, what made them think about the sounds of a fox? It'?s my mother dealing with a fox in her garden. KevinScrima @YouTube What *say* the fox? What's the Fox gonna say?

It'll be a book.

"KevinScrima @YouTube What does the Fox say? It may never happen to the world."

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The Fox, what does he say?

Alex can recall that his whole career revolves around technique. In the foreground is the best for Alex -esign. Over the last five years he has crossed the high sea of media art as a graphic artist in the press, the web and everything in between.

It was this expertise that enabled him to develop his own range of designing capabilities. It has always been a big part of my live. Already as a small boy I had a deep love for new and interesting things. My fascination for the world of fashion has grown with my growth. So, please welcome everyone, Alex!

Multimarketing:: The Fox, what does he say?

So if you've always wanted to see what a movie looks like, check out the latest Ylvis song The Fox (pronounced ill-viss). Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker are the Norwegian boys who have a chat show in Norway named Sound Night with Ylvis. When advertising the third series of their show, they agreed to shoot a strange movie "to amuse a few Norwegians for three minutes".

Even though it didn't go down so well with the producer during the show, the tape was still broadcast. The Youtube movie received nearly 50 MILLION impressions in just a few week at the moment of this post. It' strange. It' fun. Now, to the more serious question: how on earth did this tape become so virus?

Now, it's quite easy. No one was offended by Ylvis. It' fun. The most important thing is that they did not do it to support themselves. They' ve made a tape to amuse their audiences - and their audiences love it. They may ask: "If they didn't apply themselves in the tape, how much did it really help their show?"

Now, you read this piece, for example. You now know that it' s his third seasons with Ylvis this evening; and I'm willing to wager that people in Norway have a good understanding of who these boys are and what they do. It beats Miley Cyrus' We Can't Stop, Jason Aldean's Night Train de Jason Aldean et Justin Timberlake's Mirrors geschlagen.

I' m not getting over this tape. It' like a railway accident. If you want to stop seeing and stop to sing, "Baringading thing thingy " in your mind over and over again, but you just can't do it. When you' re something like me, you're still asking yourself what kind of noise a fox makes, because, let's face it, you don't know.

When there is one thing you can take away from this item, it is that advertising is not always about you. It' all about the wishes and needs of your customers. Fulfill these areas and you can look forward to a fairly sound one.

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