Leksnes (help-info) is a town in Nordland County, Norway. Big savings on hotels in Leknes, Norway online. Start a European cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line and stop in Leknes on Lofoten. Gravdal Leknes Lofoten Norway Port of Call Cruise Cruise Terminal Sightseeing Transport Shopping.

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Gravdal, which has merged with Fygle and Leknes, is actually a city of 4,200 people. It is located in the geographic centre of the islands of Ventvågøya and Lyon. Located about 68 km from the city of Svolvær and 65 km from the eastern part of the Å settlement in Moskenes.

One of the few cities in Lofoten that is not dependent on fishery, Leknes does not have a seaside center. For this reason, and because of its fast pace of development in recent years, it does not have the same old wood architectural tradition as most other Lofoten cities and may not be as scenic as its neighboring fishermen's hamlets.

Leknes Havn port of the city is one of the most important and frequented ports for cruiseships in Norway. The Hol Church is situated on the east outskirts of the city. Leksnes is a "twin town" with the neighbouring Gravdal hamlet, where the Nordland Hospital is based. The Gravdal lies about 4 km south-west of Leknes.

At Leknes the summer solstice (midnight sun) is over the horizon from 26 May to 17 July, and in cold weather the summer solstice does not come up from 9 December to 4 January. The Leknes is the trade and commercial center of the Lofoten region, which only Svolvær competes with. E10, the road through the city, connects all the Lofoten archipelago with the continent.

There is also Leknes International Airports, Leknes International Airports, for local planes, with 7 regular services to Bodø and some regular services to Svolvær with Widerøe. There is a small coach station, which is a junction with buses to the remainder of Lofoten.

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