Lei Thar gone

Lei Thar gone

If you would like to stay at Lei Thar Gone Guesthouse? Lej Thar Gone Guest House I had heard from an urgent call that his dad was in the guesthouse we were going to. "Signor Rozzani, how long have you worked at the guesthouse? The Thar Gone Guesthouse. Children in Longyi's different colours were playing in open spots off the street, between rock faces and willow-houses.

The last ascent to the guesthouse, situated on a mound. Irrawaddy River glistened behind us at ?Yenangyaung. Apart from some travellers like us, some of our staff were volunteers at the Light of Love Institute. They' been in the guesthouse for a few months, and I could see why.

The next day after supper Leon asked if we would like to meet some native fishers on the riverbank. We found ourselves at an idiotic time next to a hut with bamboos under Lei Thar Gone's sand cliffs. The news quickly became widespread that some foreign nationals were in their small town. Children came out of the cactuses around us.

Brief motorcycle trip later and the stream was in view. On Irrawaddy we got a pouch of minute freshwater catfish, which we handed over in return for crunchy goose and pan dishes poured into delicious relish. As the children had gone to college when we returned through their villages, we took a brief bath in the swimming pools and headed back to the city.

We were looked at with suspicion when we began to ask for gunloads, but they were quite entertained when we parked a lorry driving past us at ?helping to get us back on the long hillside to Lei Thar Gone. We went to the town in the early hours to see the children.

They were still preparing for their schooling, so we were telling the pair we had found to assemble their mates. A Lei Thar Gone employee said they were wearing it as a cosmetics. They were thrilled with the opportunity to write it on our faces. Finally, the children had to go to university.

Each of us had four or five children, some of whom were still crying. Light of Love was on the next hill above Lei Thar Gone. One could really see how much attention and heat was put into the schools. The Light of Love was the most wonderful one for all the astonishing parts of Lei Thar Gone.

At noon we spend the remainder of the day in the shadow at the swimmingpools.

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