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Complimentary resources and information about the Hakka language. The Hakka language in numbers is like Mandarin. Which online (or electronic) sources are there to learn Hakka?

I' m living in Taiwan and I know the Taiwanese people! This will depend on your objectives for the target country. When you just want to learn a few words, then there are some great online vocabularies and the ones in Taiwan are quite well done. The first aim in my study of a particular subject is not necessarily the terminology, but the achievement of entire phrases.

Glossika is one of the best online educational tools for music. Hailu (https://bit.ly/2zUu5Mv) and Sixian (https://goo.gl/CJzNDW) Hakka are both offered free of charge on the Glossika portal. It is a complete voice and hands-free workout with over 200 lessons per speech. In contrast to a podcast, it's text and sound, so you can always turn on your monitor and see what you're studying.

Glosssika concentrates first on talking and hearing, but if you want to see what you are studying, just look at the onscreen. This transcription shows the Hakka's traditional Mandarin script, its pinyin expression and the IPA expression with changes of sound.

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The Hakka - /?hæk?/, also called Kejia/, is one of the most important types of Mandarin languages and is mentioned by the Hakka in South China, Taiwan and in the diasporas of East Asia, Southeast Asia and the whole worl. China, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan (due to the Asian community's present in the Tokyo-Yokohama metropolitan region), Singapore, Indonesia, Mauritius, Suriname, South Africa, India and other places where Hakka has established Chinese-speaking immigrants.

This is a radio and videoseries to learn from Hakka. Further teaching materials can be found here. The website can be browsed in English, but the contents are in Mandarin Chinese. The Hakka system of spelling and speaking. Each textbook has its own clear diction and even different words for different diction. At the beginning of each release there is a phonectic guideline containing the rule of the Chinese language.

Learn resources. Hakka Information, Hakka Cultural Information, Hakka Story, Hakka & Mandarin Phonetics Comparative Tables (no sound) & 22 Tales of Hakka & Mandarin Story. Hakka dialect: Grammar Hausa: With tutorials, readings and words by Charles Henry Robinson (2011). The Hakka glossary sorted by topic, lexicon and cultural information. Taiwanese - hakka sentences.

Collections of sentences in 3 Mandarin tongues, composed with Hanyu Pinyin and Campbell Universal Pinyin and hand-in. Hacca dialect. More than 2500 words spoken by mother-tongue people. Tales by mother-tongue translators (select "Hakka" and then click on the little orange points to listen to a tale by a specific mother-tongue speaker).

Thirty Hakka voices describe a straightforward tale with characters and pinyin transcriptions.

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