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I'm learning Chin language, Hakha these sentences are so very helpful. It' used as a native language in Hakha and Thantlang. It is also used as a communication language or lingua franca in Matupi. It is inevitably up to you how deeply you want to learn the language, you could just learn simple sentences or you could strive for fluency. It' used as a native language in Hakha and Thantlang.

Hi Welt! Chin (Hakha) Dictionary

I' m studying Chin language, Hakha these sentences are so very useful. We' ll add more grammatical aids in the near distant past. I' m getting ready to get to the Burmese Chin church in St. Joseph, MO. Can I find a standard phrase book that our staff can use to welcome and register our chinpatient?

While stumbling across this page, I was looking for a way to learn the fundamental language and sentences of Chin. I' m a schoolteacher and this year I got a pupil from Chin. Your parent can't understand or write English. She learns quickly because her writing tests are almost perfected, but she has not made a tone all year round.

You got a place where I can listen to the words in Chin? Is this page only for those who learn English? Thanks a lot, we don't have any help to pronounce one of the many Chin langauges. They need a lot of free and easy access to the English language.

Slap together the English words and the rhythms. Singe, gossip, type and read/speak in harmony. http://www.tongdot. com has extra Chin-groups. I befriended Hakha Chin and Falam Chin and have been taught their cultures and ways of living by sharing a great deal of my experience with my boyfriends at Melbourne celebrations, churches and parish outings.

Well, the Hakha Chin language is generally simple to speak and write..... here are some fundamental sentences: I' M STUDYING THE CANTICLE WITH CHIN FOLKS. IT IS HAKHA, TEDIM OR ZOTUNG. TELL SA DAM MA FOR HI AND KA LOOM FOR THANKS WHEN SHE'S HAKHA. I' m the leader of a group of freelancers who give courses in falam.

I' ve listed the glossary and we're trying to create a commonly used one (' 2000 words) for the group. Did anyone else do this? http://zodictionary.com/ has the quick quest for Hakha, Falam, Tedim words. We' re considering how best to deal with this very large Falam glossary to make it more easily browsable and user-friendly.

Aside from the English/Chin Falam Bible at http://www.myanmarbible. com (website tends to come and go), this Falam Glossary is the only Falam language I have ever seen in English/Chin Falam. It seems that the young Chin pupils in the USA use the latest technologies. We' re going to shorten the lexicon even further. We have a shortage of Falam, which makes it hard.

Van Bik's master glossary was not consistent in entering these erratic verses, as the limits of proofreading and producing were exceeded 30 years ago.

In my opinion, this will help to acquire the language without disturbing the initial work of Dr. Van Bik. Blessing and joyful chin training all over the globe! The PDF files in this glossary can be downloaded to your computer and used on your computer even if you do not have broadband at all.

Under Recent Posts, click the Windows based ABAP Workbench app for the browsable Windows based glossary. Or you can have the PDF "English to Chin" downloaded and then the 326 pages printed for a hard copy glossary. There are 407 pages of Chin to English PDF to be downloaded and printed.

Ensure you have a good plotter, plenty of papers and inks when you do. A lot of Chinese also use the Chinese language lexicon, especially the Chinese who are not Chin Hakha. There' s this page for you to download this Chin Hakha and Burma native speaker dictionaries for Android phones.

I' d like to ask, what is the significance of "kan pa" - what if I want to learn chin(lai kolh)? Speak for yourself, make a Chinboyfriend. You' re teaching them English, and they can give you Hakha. Can chin mi co a tai tuke. Can chin mi chin mi phun cap funnak huh saak tu a si.

It is an on-line searchable English and Bohemian language glossary. Myanmar is much different from Chin Hakha. A lot of our Chinese buddies use a Myanmar lexicon. More Chin dictionaries: http://www.chinwebdictionary. com This is English>Chin (Falam) & Chin>English. http://hobugt. dk/#chindansk This is Dansk and Chin and English in various searching tools; an ongoing Johs work.

Linds, masters of many tongues and many words. http://www.chinwebdictionary. com Mah hi English - Chin(Falam) & Chin- English. http://hobugt. dk/#chindansk . MAHHI Danish (Denmark holh) le Chin le Mirang Tian Kavl Khwh an Si; Johs. This is the website of the Myanmar Bible Society for many of the Chin-speaking world.

Both the World English Bible and the Chin Bible stand side by side. It can be a help in English lessons. http://www.myanmarbible.com/bible/index. html Mah hi Myanmar Bible Society's website a si i Chin fetch to. The Mirang Bible le Chin Bibile zoh thi chawh an si. This is another Chin Hakha Bible page that can be useful for English and Chin understands.

Can' t listen to the translation for Chin because my system doesn't have HTML add-on supported. You can order a 2-volume, much more costly English-Chin/Myanmar (Lai Holh) Lexicon by Dr. Bawi Hu here: Hopefully this will help you learn more English. May God be blessed your effort. http://www.goldenmyanmar. net has apparently taken the Dr. David Van Bik pocketbook Chin (Hakha) online now.

You may see the lexicon again, so keep looking. Myanmar's discriminatory treatment of the Chinese and their language has made them fugitives with very little Chinese print (Hakha, Falam, etc.) on them. He can' go to the shrine, he can see Chin Mihoon Cape Red thil a si, Patrick like her.

Saya Kyi Bawi Hu www. kah bawi hu www. kah kai wwww. kahpiak tua www. uk www. kah wwww. kah te nau te caupa kah kann nah and ngea Saya Kyi Bawi Hu wwww. kah www. kah wwww. kah wwww. kah. dictionary le Dr. David Van Bik wwwww. tv 2002 issue cu ku ca ca ca ah ca ca cah w w ww. wwww. u. aum.

Outstanding ! for the Chin folks.

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