Lawkananda Pagoda

Law Canada Pagoda

The Lawkananda Pagoda is a Buddhist Zedi in Bagan, Burma (formerly Pagan). Lawkananda Paya is a beautiful golden pagoda on a small hill on the banks of the Irrawaddy River. This pagoda has anchored the tooth relic of Buddha in Bagan.

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The Lawkananda Pagoda (Burmese: ????????????????; pronounced[l??ka?nà?da zèdì]; also Lokananda, verbatim "Joy of the World") is a Buddhistic zedo in Bagan, Burma (formerly Pagan). The church was constructed on the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy River under the rule of King Anawrahta. At the 24th of May 2003 an award-winning parasol (hti) was raised to the top of the pagoda.

"against the Lawkananda Pagoda in Bagan." In Myanmar, this story about a house or organization is a stump. is a stump.

Nice gold pagoda in Bagan

Lawkananda Paya is a wonderful gold pagoda on a small hillside on the bank of the Irrawaddy rivier. Also known as Loka Nanda Pagoda, the pagoda was constructed in 1059 by King Anawrahta, who founded the Bagan Empire. There is a reproduction of a Gautama Buddha dental reliquary, which the king received from Sri Lanka.

This pagoda, a few kilometres south of old Bagan, marks the south border of Bagan's city. Cylindric pagoda somewhat similar to the much older Bupaya pagoda, which lies further north in old Bagan and is rather bell-shaped. The Loka Nanda offers a good view of the Irrawaddy Valley and the mountains in the back.

The pagoda is illuminated at nights. Though Lawkananda is an appealing place with the wind of the stream and the quiet ambience, it is a little frequented Paya, which is mainly used by the Myanmar as a place of adoration. The Lawkananda Pagoda Feast takes place in the midst of the wet end of July, beginning of August, according to the moon calendar, to mark the rains in the very arid Bagan area.

The Irrawaddy Bridge was used by large merchant vessels from distant countries such as Mon Kingdom Thaton, Rakhine and India during the Bagan era. There are two large, wild looking Chinthes (mythological lions) guarding the temples, which stand at the bottom of the stairs to the Lawkananda deck.

Its cupola is arranged on an eight-sided pedestal of three recessed levels. This formerly blank pagoda was recently gold-plated. His heart, which contains a Buddha dental reliquary, is not available. Lawkananda is crowned by a Finnish man in the form of a multi-storey parasol, often found on Burma's sanctuaries.

There is a shed with a large wood barrel and two men wearing a bells on the deck next to the pagoda. One building next to the pagoda contains a Buddha picture in Myanmar-look. Anawrahta succeeded in acquiring a Buddha dental reliquary from the King of Sri Lanka.

As the reliquary came by ship, the king wads into the water of the Irrawaddy to receive the one. At first the reliquary was kept in the royal palace until a pagoda was made. After old records, the teeth were then placed in a cabinet on the back of a black bull, which was then released.

The pagoda was to be built wherever the bull stood and knelt. He was holding at the place where the Shwezigon Pagoda is. By a miracle a second toothed came up, which was also placed on an 11 year old bull, which this times halted and knelt further south on the bank of the Irrawaddy tolls.

The Lawkananda Pagoda was constructed here and the reliquary was anchored in it.

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