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The Village Tracts of Launglon Township. Explore the Launglon area with this guide (Tanintharyi) in Myanmar. The best beaches in Myanmar are on the Dawei Peninsula. After Maungmagan you drive south, behind Dawei, to the village Launglon (where there are some small tea houses for refreshments). Explore Launglon with this guide (Tanintharyi) in Myanmar.

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Explore Launglon in Myanmar. The Launglon in the Tanintharyi area of Myanmar is about 379 km southeast of Yagyigon, the nation's capitol. As you are already in the area, you should visit Yebyu, Yabyaw, Wedi, Tizit, Thabya and Gaw-in. Launglon now is 02:58 PM (Tuesday).

Temperate rains, quiet, overcast skies. Strong rains, quiet, overcast skies. Strong rains, light breezes, open-cloud. Dawei, is the name of the Myanmar ethnical population under 135 and a town in southeast Myanmar and is the capitol of the Tanintharyi region, formerly Tanintharyi Division, located about 614.3 km southwards of Yangon on the north shore of the Dawei River.

It is a harbour at the mouth of the Dawei river, 30 km from the Andaman Sea. Consequently, the town is susceptible to floods during the rainy period. The Dawei International Airports is an international aviation hub that serves Dawei (formerly known as Tavoy), a town in the Tanintharyi Division in southeast Burma.

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