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Laukkai Attack Announcements, Shan State - Myanmar

It is important at this juncture that the Myanmar community contributes to the successful outcome of the Middle East and Myanmar in a united and determined manner. Since the Government of the Union has given the highest priorities to the tasks of national reconciliation and peacemaking, the Government of the Union has organised a co-ordination session with the Delegation for Political Negotiations of the Federal Council of the United Nations.

In addition, the DPN has agreed between the Commission for Friedenskommission - PC and the Political Negotiations Mission - that both sides will work strongly for the involvement of organisations that should be involved in the peacemaking processes and will work to ensure that these organisations can participate in the Union Conference on Peacemaking - 21st Century Panglong.

Ethnicities and European Union nationals were delighted at the success of the summit as they saw the bright lights of the hopes for it. As we made headway in the happily progressing intergovernmental settlement and peacemaking processes and while we are working to broaden involvement and consolidate and liven up the trial, the MNDAA groups in the Laukkai area in the north-east of Shan State launched aggressive assaults at around 2 a.m. this morning.

Provisional accounts indicate that the city itself was under attack by the MNDAA, and it was said that several police officers and countless guilty people had been murdered. There is no good use in such situations of conflict and they are meaningless to all racial and European Union people.

Moreover, they only produce poor results and cause the indigenous peoples and indigenous peoples and European Union nationals in the region to be drowned in a ocean of mourning. I would therefore strongly encourage all groups with arms to stop the military assaults that can only cause suffering and suffering to the indigenous peoples and indigenous breeds and to join the Consultative Tables for Nations Freedom and to walk together with the peoples on the road to unity of mind and equity.

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