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Map of Latvia, Riga Map, Lithuania Map, Estonia Map, Europe Roadmap, Address Search, Places, Directions. The cosmopolitan capital is already a star in the European city break scene, but small Latvia has much more to offer. Sites in Riga and Latvia. Which are the geographical coordinates of Latvia? Big, detailed map of Latvia.

Latvian Region

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Via Riga capital of Latvia. Where' s Latvia? Where' s Riga

On Latvia It is a small but very singular state in Northern Europe, on the eastern shores of the Baltics. Lettland belongs to the Baltics. It is a small and densely populated nation, with a wealth of cultural and natural diversity, unspoilt countryside, fresh mountain climate. It is a nation that is unparalleled in many respects: it is a nation where the vast majority of the territory is covered by woods, ponds and rivers, various natural reserves and old monuments - chapels, palaces, hotels as well as large shopping centres.

It is described as a quiet lifestyle compared to other contrasting towns and states. Ancient Riga and its small alleys, ancient old Riga building, J?rmala, long beaches with long beaches of pure sand, New Wave contest, Laima Vaikule and Raimonds Pauls, Melngalvju names, Brain Saintorm, KVN, the Riga Fortress, Riga Balm are things connected with Riga, Latvia.

Latvia's geographic exclusivity offers many advantages, as Latvia and Riga are located in the heart of Europe, making it quick and simple to get to any major town. West-Europe and Riga: 3 hour from London, 1 hour from Belgium. five and a half hour drive to the desired destination; daily Riga to 70 different locations in Europe; the Riga International Center is very near to Riga (only 15 km) and J?rmala (only 20 km); it is only 15 to 20 minutes from the center of Riga to the nearest health resorts (J?rmala).

Moskau - Riga: The journey from Riga to Moscow lasts less than from Riga to St. Petersburg. Daily there are 3 departures, two trains and two buses from Riga to Moscow. St. Petersburg - Riga: Every night there is a journey of the domestic carrier AirBaltic and frequent coach journeys as well as a good motor transport on good western highways.

The Republic of Latvia was established on 18 November 1918. Latvijas Republic. On the Baltic Sea north of Eastern Europe. The territory of Latvia: 64 589 sqkm. Lettish. Inhabitants: 2.02 million. Chapter: Republic of Riga (692,000 inhabitants, 42.3% Latvians, 41.1% Russians, 4.2% Belarusians, 3.9% Ukrainians and 8.5% other nationalities).

Riga, Daugavpils, Jelgava, J?rmala, Liep?ja, R?zekne, Ventspils. Ventspils, Riga, Liep?ja. Currencies: Euro (EUR) since January 1, 2014. The GMT (Greenwich time) +2, from April to November - GMT +3 (1 hours different from Moscow). Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia and the Baltic Sea. Member of the European Union (4 May 2004), NATO (29 March 2004), ANO (18 November 1991), Schengen member state, Council of Europe, World Trade Organisation, Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Council of Baltic Sea States, etc.

Riga Video: Why Riga? Riga; population 702 000; area: 307.17 square kilometres; Europe; Riga 2014: The European Capitol of Culture. It is the center for finance, transportation and operations in the Baltic States. It is the Latvian capitol and the largest town in the Baltic States. Riga (Old Riga) has preserved many testimonies of culture and history to this day, which are revealed by the small alleys of Old Riga, which were constructed in the Middle Ages and are still paved with mediaeval cobbles.

Any visitor to Riga can find an interesting way to learn about this town. Riga was named European Capital of culture in 2014. It has a wealth of cultural events to offer: every weekend there are various cultural events, shows, events and festivities.

The coastline of Latvia is almost 500 km long. You will find contemporary ports, exceptional health resorts, fishermen's resorts, quiet and unspoilt countryside on the shores of the Baltic Sea, where various recreational activities develop. Latvia's coastline is very varied.

Kurland has untouched countryside, where civilisation is rare, and then there is the largest and most beloved Baltics resort J?rmala and the coast of Vidzeme, where there are various cities and hamlets that offer various recreational possibilities. The city of Latvia is known in the Baltics, Russia and other states.

Situated on the Gulf of Riga, 20 km from the Riga city. The city of J?rmala is distinguished by its long sandy beach and praised seaside resorts with views of the ocean and curative sanatoria, health resorts, spas, caf├ęs and dining establishments. The Dzintari is the wealthiest cultural center in J?rmala, where the auditorium provides an memorable ambience, where many shows, New Wave competitions and humor-fests have been held for many years.

The J?rmala is described by its maritime atmosphere, the mild weather, the warmth of the Mediterranean, the ocean, the pine forests and the relaxing atmosphere for all tastes. Those are things you'll love about J?rmala

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