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Locate the latitude and longitude of Union of Myanmar (MM/MMR) to calculate the distance between countries. Burma (Myanmar) Latitude and longitude. The name Myanmar is not always used. It' part of Asia and the Northern Hemisphere. And Yangon is a city in Myanmar.

Burma Latitude and LONGN

There are 64 cities in Myanmar in our database. So far. Locate the town to get latitude and latitude co-ordinates. Latvia-long coordinate data for Myanmar towns are within reach: Latitudes from 12.43954 to 25.38641 and longitudes from 92.89835 to 98.60028. If there are too many towns to display in the dropdown menu (64 entries), click on the first one: city:

Burma Latitude/Longitude

Latitude: The Myanmar flag: Notice that many counties extend across different timezones, so if you are looking for the global travel times to plan a meet or make a call, try looking for a specific town to get the locale there. Today's hour and date in central Myanmar is 12:35 pm on Tuesday, July 10, 2018.

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Burma (Myanmar) Latitude and longitude

For Myanmar (Burma) the latitude is 21.913965 and the latitude 95.9562230030000000002. Myanmar is situated on the Asian continents: E from Saiha, India (see co-ordinates for India); E from Bandarban, Bangladesh (see co-ordinates for Bangladesh); WNW from Mae Sai, Thailand (see co-ordinates for Thailand) and W from Jinghong, China (see co-ordinates for China).

Burma's main city is Rangoon "Nay Pyi Taw". Burma's five most populous places are: Six places of interest in Burma: Burma (Myanmar) timezone(s): Well, since you know the site, you may also be interested in finding out the height of the country or the height, for further information see Height for Myanmar (Burma).

Which is Myanmar latitude and longitude, Myanmar latitude and longitude, Myanmar latitude and longitude?

F: What is the latitude and longitude of Myanmar? Myanmar is located at the geographic co-ordinates 22° 0' 0" N, 98° 0' 0" E. Latitude and longitude of Myanmar in other units: Myanmar is a land called Myanmar by the population.

But not all places in the worid will relate to Myanmar under this name. Much of the authority still refers to Myanmar under the initial name Burma. That is because of the strict controls exercised over the land under the present name of Myanmar. Burma became Myanmar because of a Burmese army junt.

It is a kind of rules in which a number of members of the army take command of a state. For more than 25 years, General Ne Win has been the leader of Burma. N- Win was dismissed in 1988 during the Army Junior. Myanmar remained under the junta's control, even though the electorate chose to vote for opposition political groups to secure their election a few years after the beginning of the regime.

That has sparked numerous protest and demonstration against the Burmese regime by Myanmar's population. Most noteworthy is the home detention of Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and head of the political party, for most of the 90s and 2000s.

It' s not certain when the default Myanmar administration will take over instead of the strategic controls the state has. As a result, the number of IDPs in Burma is just over half a million. Continued disputes over Burma's ancient ways and the present Myanmar regime have raised great concern among peoples throughout the state.

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