Latitude and Longitude of Myanmar

The latitude and longitude of Myanmar

Do you want to know the latitude of Burma? Naypyidaw (Yangon) is the capital of Myanmar. Situation of Taungoo, Myanmar on the map. Width of Naypyitaw, length of Naypyitaw, height above sea level of Naypyitaw. The Coco Island, Myanmar map, latitude, longitude and altitude.

LAT/LONG GPS co-ordinates of Yangon (Myanmar, Asia)

Myanmar. Actual Yangon time: 10 July 2018, 2:10 a.m.; range between Yangon (Myanmar) and an option place as the crow flies: Yangon (Myanmar): Yangon's geographic position (geolocation) is in the northern and eastern hemispheres. Towns closest to Yangon (in our database): Have you been to Yangon, Myanmar?

Most visited towns on this date (09 July 2018):

Taungoo, Myanmar

Latitude:18Â 56Â 56' 22.3044" Longitude:96Â 25' 59.3184" Latitude:N 18Â 56.3717' Longitude:E 96Â 25.9886' Map coordinates shows the latitude and longitude co-ordinates in degree, minute, second and minute decimals, degree decimals and degree decimals of the actual position. Loading a city Loading a city by coordinate, city name or postal codes. Type in the value you want and click on the loading arrows to the right of the corresponding area.

The Latitude & Longitude accepts degree decrements, degree minute decimals or degree minute and second decimals. In this menu you can see the actual settings of the maps.

Geographical co-ordinates of Naypyitaw, Myanmar. Width, length and height above Naypyitaw sealevel.

The co-ordinates are given in the WGS 84 co-ordinate system. Geographical co-ordinates (latitude and longitude) are used to determine a location on the earth's orbit. Co-ordinates are angle measurement unities. Canonically the latitude and longitude display uses degree (°), minute (?) and second (?). Frequently, GPS satellites use co-ordinates in degree and decimals or decimals.

The latitude ranges from -90° to 90°. Equator latitude is 0°; the latitude of the latitude of the South Pole is -90°; the latitude of the South Pole is 90°. The latitude corresponds to the geographical areas just northern of the equator (abbreviation N). Adverse latitudes are the geographical positions just below the equator (abbreviation S).

The longitude is calculated from the zero point seridian (IERS reference seridian for WGS 84) and ranges from -180° to 180°. The longitude corresponds to the geographical areas eastward of the zeromeridian ("E"). The degrees of longitude are the geographical latitudes located to the western side of the zero meridian region (abbreviation W). The altitude above the surface is a measurement of the altitude of a geographical area.

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