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The Urdu News, Latest news in Urdu, Breaking Urdu News from Pakistan. You can read the latest news from Pakistani newspapers (????

???? ???? ??????? ??????? ???? ???? ???? ????) in HD style. The Urdu is the popular language in Pakistan. Receive the latest news from renowned sources. Úrdu News all over the world.

Urdu News, Breaking Urdu News, Latest Pakistan News in the online Urdu newspaper

Read the latest and latest Urdu news from every town in Pakistan from our journalists all over Pakistan. Urdu Akhbar is 24 hour update, with Urdu headlines and Quick Urdu news from Pakistan and around the globe.

Following the Pakistani Breaking News and the latest Urdu News from Pakistan. The Urdu columnists from Pakistan are writing Urdu independent editorials on the latest Pakistani politics and society. and we hope that you will also like our Urdu News.

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