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Reports have it that another person has been rescued from the flooded cave in northern Thailand. Thailand-style cavern rescues at the latest: Australian savior wins award | World | News On July 10, the last of the group was taken to a safe place from the Tham Luang grotto in the Chiang Rai region of north Thailand. Bangladesh, Thailand Caving:: Mr Turnbull said at the meeting in the presence of the Thai Embassador to Australia: It was attributed to Mr. Harris to assess the state of the young, the anesthesia before leaving the cavern and to advise the local authority on emergency procedures.

Soon after he learned that his dad had passed away, he was the last one to go out of the caves. Mr Callen assisted the guys to administer their gear during the rescu. Equipped with thick neoprene suits and full-face facemasks, the young were led through deep, submerged corridors to the caves.

First part of the trip consisted of scuba-dive. Finally the guys were put into a pair of sledge and dragged through.

Superman " physician, who was in charge of the football club in the Thai caves, meets young people in the wards.

The" Superman" physician, who took charge of 12 youngsters and their football trainer while they were imprisoned in a Thai cavern, gave an insight into their emotive re-union at the clinic on Monday. Are you interested in Thailand caves rescue? Include Thailand Rescue to keep up to date with the latest news, videos and analyses from ABC News.

Dr Pak Loharnshoon of the Royal Thai Army - who remained with the young in the caves when the government agencies drew up a scheme to get them out and was called "Superman" - paid a visit to the group at Chiangrai Prachanukroh Hospital in Chiang Rai, Thailand. He is shown in photographs on Loharnshoon's Facebook page, hugging each of the guys and gathering the members of the "wild boar" crew in a bunch.

Since the beginning of last month, the 12 youngsters and their trainer have been recuperating at the clinic when they were saved from a cavern in the north of Thailand after having survived for more than nine whole day without nutrition. In a daredevil bailout, several hundred individuals, among them experienced scuba diver from all over the globe, have saved the young and their trainer from the flood caves.

Loharnshoon also told in his pole how the young had been digging a pit -- as low as 16 ft -- to try to creep to security. And he praised their trainer, called him a trainer and said that the group's overall fitness was much better than he had foreseen.

Little by little they were taken out of the cavern by a group of UK scuba diver who described the diving as some of the worse they had ever seen, with zero sight in cloudy depth. Photographs published by Thai healthcare workers on Sunday saw the crew posting news on a billboard portraying the former Thai Royal Navy SEAL who was rescued.

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