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Newest news, pictures & news photos from Myanmar. Yangon. Updated: I would like to be kept informed by e-mail about the latest articles. Myanmar British Chamber of Commerce is an independent, non-profit member organisation. The aim is to promote, support and represent business interests in Myanmar.

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On Monday, the Globe and MailA tribunal in Myanmar indicted two detained Reuters journalist for having received classified state records, bringing the groundbreaking case of media freedoms into its judicial phase after six month of provisional trials. Reuters. Burma courts..... REUTER SYANGON (Reuters) - A Myanmar tribunal will decide on Monday whether two Reuters reporter are indicted for receiving classified material, a ruling that could either free them after almost seven month in prison or postpone the groundbreaking liberty of the media....

The Fox Sports AsiaVietnam and Myanmar will compete at Jakabaring Stadium in Palembang. The way Facebook's ascent fueled chaos and confusion in Myanmar.....

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Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj will begin a two-day trip to Myanmar on 10 May to discuss important bi-lateral and local questions, notably the Rakhine state, from which tens of thousand Rohingya Muslims have escaped after last year's violent outbreak. Myanmar's military has been blacklisted in a new UN survey by a group of governments and rebels "credibly suspected" of bringing rape and other forms of sexually assaulted persons into conflict at first.

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley condemns the Myanmar administration for having "condemned to death" the lives of Rohingya Muslims by quoting reports of media burials by intelligence agencies.

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In Pinlebu Township, Katha District, Legaing district, two men were involved in drug trafficking..... In the Pinlebu Township, Katha District, Legaing Region, two men were indicted on Saturday in the context of drug trafficking. After a raid on motorcyclists who violate the rules of the road, the police of the Yangon region.....

After crackdowns on motorcyclists who violated road law, Yangon region police detained 207 motorcyclists who did not respect roads.

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