Latest News in Thailand now

Newest news in Thailand now

Bombardier strengthens park patrols after gay sex complaint. All we know about Thai cave rescue now. Up to date daily updates on events in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Isan, the Deep South and Asia. Cave rescue in Thailand: Mission ready for launch. 4 boys rescued from the cave of Thailand:

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In a gunfight, a wife and her daugther were murdered by two attackers in the borough of Bakho in Narathiwat.... Resurrectionists are said to have executed a fireman while crossing the street from his station on Saturday mornings.... In June an 11-year-old Filipino dancer got remarried to a Malay man who was 30 years old and was returned to Thailand.....

There was a female in China who was unable to move after a speed boat was struck by big swell in Krabi on Friday mornings? An ex-clerk on Phi Phi Phi was gunned down.

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Experience 1 NEWS NOW's life update from another tragic date below. That would mean that four young people were successfully saved today, as much as before. 10 am: The last salvage is also covered in the news. It is still not clear whether there will be more salvation today. 05:00: CNN now reports that an 8th child has been saved from the caves.

40:00: CNN now reported that a 7th kid has appeared from the caves. That'?s three guys today and four before. 10 p.m.: Report of a 6th kid now being saved. 30 o'clock: The pace at which the last salvation was reached is a good indication for tonight's surgery.

No one was supposed to show up from the caves until after 12:00 in New Zealand. I hope more young men will come after him from the caves. Zeug also reports from a Thai naval officer that a fifth young man was actually saved. Meanwhile, the news has also been covered by really good news from REUTER. 50:00: CNN reports that a fifth kid has just been bailed out of the caves.

It was discovered by a paramedic who was taken to an emergency room on a gurney. 40: Initially it was thought that the less well-off young would be the first to be saved. 8pm: 1 NEWS' Kimberlee Downs has just submitted this article from outside Chiang Rai Hospital via Facebook Liv. It says the suspense is rising as the news coverage waits for the last bailout.

Maybe this is the why the medias were not made aware of the salvation that has begun until today? You also said that the first of this group should be out of the caves in about "four to five hours". 30:00: The Thai gubernatorial supervisor of the cavern rescues says he "hopes for good news in the next few hours".

Don't talk about how many young people are trying to save her today. "The rains last night did not influence the level of our caves. When yesterdays times are a leader, scuba diver can show up with the next group of guys around 1 am. There is no formal saying when the salvation began today.

It reports it started at 3:00 in New Zealand. One Thai naval commander said to CNN: "and the surgery has started and is currently in progress. 0pm: 1 NEWS journalist Kimberlee Downs is in Chiang Rai and submitted the last updated for the 6pm bulk.

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