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ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

After eight of the twelve young men caught with their football trainer have now been released from the flood-covered tunnel in the north of Thailand, the police are fighting against the watch to begin the next emergency with arriving rains that threaten to flood the mines. One of the oldest artifacts ever found in Australia can be an inhabited islet off the Arnhem Land coastline, which, if certified, would be one of the oldest artifacts from abroad.

An economic executive from the western part of Sydney calls on the state government to create more transparency about the Metro Western Railroad, as a new account shows that more employment will be generated in the western part of Sydney if the line is as brief as possible. Located in the Melbourne Museum, the tribal families contain recordings of talks between an anthropologist and the landowners of North Melbourne.

Watering is still a profoundly emotive topic in the riverside community, and some growers branch out to keep their minds afloat. Hobart's old animal park is known as the place where the last Thylazine survived in confinement, and the plant was considered to have become extinct in the 1930'. The people of Eloraine still have no clue when their mains can be safely consumed, three nights after the city in the north of Tasmania was set on a boiling well.

New dinosaurs have been found. Discovering a new type of dinosaurs indicates that sauropod giantism has developed about 30 million years sooner than previously thought. Gareth Southgate's international side are now in a split, as the nation dare to believe that the game could really "come home" this year, England aficionado Neil Whelan writ.

The international journalist joins Perth scholar David Goodall, 104, to take an intimate portrayal of his last few day as he travelled the world to bid goodbye to his loved ones and stand up for his last-right. After the resignation of his successor Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt is named the new British Secretary of State and accuses Theresa May of raising "white flags" in the Brexite talks with the EU.

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