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Nevertheless, many from Myanmar are fighting for their livelihood. Due to budget restrictions, the videos were subtitled with Myanmar only and not synchronized. Find out more about the latest economic developments, perspectives and political priorities in the country based on the latest data and analyses. Keep up to date with the latest health and medical news. The celebrated jazz saxophonist Joshua Redman visits Myanmar.

Stop trying to kill our children: Rallye Rohingya in Australia to intervene in Myanmar - Video | Worldcnews

Rohingya members of the Australian municipality will gather in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Melbourne on Thursday to ask the German authorities to do more to end the present war. It urges greater inroads into the world against the Burmese junta's violent attack on the Myanmar indigenous population, which has claimed at least 400 lives and displaced more than 100,000 refugees to neighboring Bangladesh.

United Nations chief has described the state of affairs as a danger of racial cleanup.


The Myanmar administration denied such abuse and in January warned that it was prepared to welcome the refugee returns. Mr Gilour, UN Deputy Secretary-General for Fundamental Freedoms, added: "It seems that the wide-spread and systemic force against the Rohingya continues. It is following the development after several thousand temporary camped residents were "instructed by the Myanmar administration to leave the area," the newswire said.

Some 700,000 Rohingya Muslims have escaped to Bangladesh since August, when Myanmar's military force escaped the Rohingya rebels' Rakhine assaults.

Muslim Rohingya fleeing Myanmar ethnocleansing

Throughout Myanmar, several hundred thousand Muslim Rohingyas have escaped a violent outbreak. There is only one way to exacerbate this human rights problem of a dramatic magnitude. Heads of state and governments around the globe are still discussing how to penalise Myanmar's military and the country's de facto head of state, Aung San Suu Kyi, who won a Nobel Peace Prize as a defender of the democratic process.

Aung San Suu Kyi has been confronted with devastating levels of global critique and consternation for not doing more to stop the fighting, even though she has no control over the world' s armed services under a draft army Constitution. For Myanmar, the United States and the UK have cautioned that the crises are endangering the advances it has made since the beginning of the military's seizure of power in 2011.

European Union and United States are considering specific penalties against Myanmar's commanders for the force, say officers who know the debates. Is it not ironic that the Muslim countries that support the Rohingya Jihad and strike Myanmar are hesitant to give shelter to the Rohingyas who are escaping?

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