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Sign up here to access the image gallery for Myanmar. You can see her plight in this picture gallery. Burma: latest news, videos photos | times India, current myanmar news, photos, blog posts, videos and wallpapers Discover myanmar profile in times of India. Cartoons exhibited in the Think Art Gallery leave out captions and offer visitors the opportunity to interpret them as they please. The playground image for the exhibition was created because we have no playgrounds for our children," he added.

Out in the open: Myanmar's persecuted Rohingya minorities

A Rohingya, who escaped to neighboring Bangladesh, says that the "eviction operations" of the police included massive murders, tortures and rapes against children. Bangladesh's UN ambassadors say that since the end of August more than 600,000 persons have passed the line and joined the 300,000 or so refugees from previous violent outbursts. The Rohingya family has been on the road without a meal for more than a weeks, but have at last reached Bangladesh after having witnessed horrors in the state of Rakhine in Myanmar.

Myanmar's intelligence agencies have been planting land mines along the Myanmar frontier in recent months, according to UN officials. He is wading through the muds to get to a shelter. Some Rohingya men said they ran for up to three long days before they arrived in ruling villages like Kutupalong.

The Rohingya folks are using every available means of transportation to get out of Rakhine. Tens of them have already passed away trying to get to Bangladesh on small, shaky fishermen' s canoes. Dhaka Tribune reported that 28 vessels have been overturned since 24 August and 184 persons have been killed - mainly wives and warriors. The man, Abu Tabel, came to Bangladesh with his few rescued things in bags and a hamper.

It is estimated by the United Nations Population Fund that of the almost 150,000 Rohingya woman of reproduction aged 15-49 years, about 24,000 are with child and breastfeeding. The United Nations on 17 October issued a warning that still thousand of Rohingya were beached near the Thai-Bangladesh Myanmar frontier. She called on Bangladesh to accelerate the screening of up to 15,000 affected persons and to take them to a safe place in the interior of the country.

In the fastestgrowing human rights crises in the worid, tens of millions to tens of thousand-.

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