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Previously, he worked for the Root Investigation Agency, a local news agency focused on Rakhine issues. The Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh. The AFP did not say where the tomb was found or whether the Hindus were killed during the recent exodus of Rohingyas from Myanmar. The Rohingya was methodically raped by Myanmar's armed forces. There were no new posts found for Myanmar Model Girls Photo Gallery.

Everything is gone": Myanmar satellites show tens of Rohingya towns with bulldozers | World Gazette

Myanmar's administration is using Bulldozer to destroy tens of Rakhine state towns in a massive raid that right-wing groups say is killing proof of massive horror against the Rohingya people. DigitalGlobe in Colorado published a series of pictures on Friday showing the empty towns and settlements that have been fully leveled by the state.

All of the communities were torched after the August of last year, when an evacuation campaign forced several hundred thousand people from Rohingya into bangladesh. The Myanmar administration is claiming that it is trying to reconstruct a desolate area, but the operations have caused concerns among defenders of humanitarian law, who say that the administration destroys a variety of sites before any reliable inquiry.

Rohingya believe that the Rohingya are deliberately disembowelling the remains of their civilization to make it almost impossibility for them to comeback. Myanmar's military is not only charged with using buddhistic mayhem to burn down Islamic communities, but also with massacre, rape andpread plunder. Rakhine's recent Rakhine state crises began in August after Rohingya rebels started a string of unparalleled assaults on military outposts.

Air photos of the damages were first published on 9 February when the European Union envoy to Myanmar, Kristian Schmidt, published pictures of an airplane he described as a "huge bulldozer area" just South of the city of Maungdaw. DigitalGlobe constellation photos show that between December and February at least 28 towns or settlements within a 50 km perimeter of Maungdaw were devastated.

Similar analyses by Human Rights Watch on Friday showed that at least 55 communities were affected. It has been talking for month about reconstruction projects in the area, and has been busy building highways, fixing footbridges and building accommodation, among them tens in a large warehouse in Taungpyo, near the Bangladesh frontier.

It was opened in January to receive return returnees, but no one has come and Rohingya has escaped. Myanmar's government has also agreed a $15 million federal government bill for the construction of a perimeter wall and related infrastructure along the Bangladesh frontier in the state of Rakhine, from which some 700,000 Rohingya have escaped since August.

The deputy interior secretary General Aung Soe said on Thursday that the 202 km long fencing that covers the 293 km long frontier has already been made. Maungdaw treasurer Myint Khine said some of the new houses were for Muslims. For many Rohingya, the law enforcement agencies are afraid that they will confiscate lands they have been living on for generation.

In December, the goverment issued a listing of 787 homes, but only 22 were intended for "Bengalese" - the term Myanmar naationalists often describe the Rohingya, who they say are illegally immigrated from Bangladesh. Christian Lewa, whose Arakan project is monitoring the suffering of the prosecuted Islamic minorities, said:

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