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Wrong news on Facebook fans the flames of hatred against the Rohingya in Burma. We have satellite imagery showing massive fire damage. One demonstrator burns a picture of Suu Kyi in front of the Myanmar embassy in Jakarta in September. The Somodevilla chip / Getty Images.

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COX'S BAZAR, Bangladesh - whirls of painted golden pastel made of crushed wood crust adorn the cheek of Rohingya Muslim nuns in the Bangladesh south of the world. The Thanaka, a kind of sunscreen that goes back hundreds of years, is a frequent vision on the faces of females who say that using the use of the conventional coolant will help get a feeling of normalcy into their troubled life in the warehouses.

After the IOA had not met the qualification requirements laid down by the Olympics, it was agreed not to send the men's and women's clubs to the Asian Games. From Panu Wongcha-um CHIANG RAI, Thailand (Reuters) - Twelve young men and their assistance coaches were found living in a Thai cavern compound nine nights after they disappeared, the Chiang Rai provincial government official said on Monday.

After football training on 23 June, the 25-year-old boy and his 11-16 year-old disappeared after exploring the Tham Luang caves in a wooded area near the Myanmar/Boorder. Since then, a huge amount of rescues are underway internationally, with emergency crews fighting through thick swamps and floods to get to the group in the cavern net that extends 10 km into a rock.

Reuter's reporters Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo are charged with violating Myanmar's Official Secrets Act, which includes up to 14 years in prison. United Nations President Antonio Guterres heard of "unimaginable" horrors when he visited Rohingya camp, calling the current conflict a "human right nightmare". UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and Bangladesh's Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had a meeting on Sunday with World Bank President Jim Yong-kim at the beginning of his three-day trip to Dhaka, although he pledged to continue UN pressures on Myanmar and to help Dhaka deal with the Rohingya refugee scourge.

Now that the monsoons have ceased and the emergency crews have diverted the waterways, the homes of 12 young prisoners in Tham Luang Caves, Thailand, are full of hope. "Amberhunter" in search of a Jurassic park look of dinosaurs remnants in Myanmar. Myanmar-based Rakhine Refugee Center is prepared to receive 150 Rohingya migrants daily from Bangladesh.

Bangladesh will be offered help to receive Rohingya migrants, China is hoping that the return will begin "as early as possible" and China will provide Bangladesh with humanity to receive and care for several hundred thousand Muslim Rohingya migrants from neighbouring Myanmar, the Secretary of State said on Friday. On 2 July, Antonio Guterres and Jim Yong Kim will be travelling to Cox's Bazar to meet with Rohingya refugee churches and relief agencies to increase donors' contributions.

The World Bank said on Thursday that it would make up to $480 million in grants available to Bangladesh to meet the needs of Rohingya returnees, covering healthcare, literacy, water, hygiene and shelter. World Bank Management Committee agreed to a $50 million subsidy for an ongoing healthcare development in Bangladesh, the first in a $480 million run.

In a submerged cavern in the north of Thailand, a US army and UK diving crew followed the rescues, where 12 kids and their soccer trainer were held prisoner for five consecutive nights of rain.

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