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Mr Nanda Singh Bhaisora, Indian General Consultant, said the aim of the rendezvous was to encourage the growth of North East Indian manufacturing and to encourage cross-border trade between the two states. Two Reuters reporters, Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, have been detained by Myanmar PD.

Newsmen had been working on tales of armed action against the Muslim Rohingya in Rahkine state, causing almost 650,000 refugees..... The Myanmar citizens who have resided in the state of Mizoram in north-eastern India are about to be repatriated by some of Mizoram's non-governmental organizations. Orders have been given to depart Myanmar citizens from places such as Kolasib Township and MualKhang.....

The 8th of November 2015 may be a normal date for peoples all over the globe, but for the Myanmarites it is a Red Letter that will determine their futures. Myanmar's (formerly Burma) contemporary bank system can be retraced back to the time of colonization in Britain. A number of UK banks were operating in the provinces, with the Imperial Bank of India acting as a central bank until 1935.

Myanmar is a country of great geographical diversity, which is why the different lovable shapes of the natural environment manifest themselves and are a real pleasure for lovers of the outdoors. Burma, now formally the Republic of Myanmar, has become a major tourist destination for India and around the globe.

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The Yangon Public Services Network, the group of extremists who abducted our contractor last night, has warned us that they would hurt our counterparts if their terms were not fulfilled by 1 p.m. today, 19 May. Mr Wanbao calls on these campaigners not to hurt our fellow Members.

We strongly condemn this un provoked assault and demand the immediate freeing of our abducted contract partners. Our first news item on this challenging occasion can be found under News on this website. wanbao' s gonna hold a news briefing today at 4:00.

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