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Soil vibration forces hit with a strength of 6.0 at a deep of six mile ( (10 km) - 24 mile (. 40 km) from the west city of Phyu. Thet Sein said the tremor was "quite strong". USGS added that the structure in the area is generally susceptible to earthquakes.

Burma is no unknown place for catastrophes - between 1930 and 1956 there were six 7.0 or more level quake monsters near the Legaing Fault. Legaing passes through central Myanmar from north to south. In November 2012 there was another strong 6.8 strikes in which 26 people died and several hundred were wounded.

MEPs urge Bangladesh to take common armed response with Myanmar over Rohingya dispute

There has been an upturn in the struggles in Rakhine, an impoverished neighboring state of Bangladesh, since Friday, when Rohingya fighters started to stage co-ordinated traps against Myanmar's military forcemen. Over 100 men, among them about 80 fighters, were murdered in the fight in which thousand of Rohingya village inhabitants fled to Bangladesh.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres "is extremely worried about the accounts of civilian deaths during Rakhine state Myanmar military deployments ", according to spokesperson Stephane Dujarric. Calling on Bangladesh to increase aid to the civilian population that has escaped violent attacks, he said: "Many of the refugees are wives and offspring, some of whom are wounded".

Over 3,000 Rohingya have come from Myanmar to Bangladesh, where the stateless Islamic minorities have been persecuted in the last three day, the UN refugees office said on Monday. In Bangladesh, it has said that on its Myanmar frontier there are still a thousand Rohingya gathered, where it has intensified patrolling and displaced several hundred of the civilian population who have tried to invade.

Some of the fugitives who seek refuge are small child bearing and baby mothers. A Rohingya fugitive, Laila Begum, unveiled the scale of the attack and said that she had only heard about the death of her loved ones from the nation. You took him away from our home and then murdered him," she said to Reuters.

" In Bangladesh there are already around 400,000 Rohingya migrants in poor refugee centres near the Myanmar-Boarder. Goverment officials have put the mortality rate at 104 so far, but Rohingya advocacy groups told Al Jazeera it was much higher - saying the number of those will be at least 800 final.

However, the intelligence services could not corroborate this assessment. Aziz Khan, a local man, said that the army came down to his town during an early dawn roundup, which cost the life of at least 11 deaths. The Rohingya and Rakhine communities, which have been invaded by the fighters, are among them. A senior officer of the Bangladesh State Department suggested common militaristic effort against the fighters along the frontier at a rendezvous with Myanmar's "charge d'affaires" in Dhaka.

"Myanmar could have the Myanmar military force carry out combined missions against the fighters, all non-state agents or the Arakan army along the Bangladesh - Myanmar border," said a State Department officer on an anonymous basis, as he was not allowed to talk to the press. ARSAM asserted accountability for the Friday terrorist attack on 25 western policing posts in the UK, triggering the recent wave of violent events that ended the deaths of 104 persons.

"In this state we could no longer remain standing still and must rescue the life and property of the Rohingya victims," said the head of the group of militants, Abu Ammar Jununi, when he was accompanied by two men in disguise with semi-automatic guns. "Burma's violent junta and Rakhine extremists' plot to deport international[non-governmental] organizations is destined to famish the Rohingyas in the absence of these organizations," he said.

Bangladesh's Myanmar secretary of state called charges in Dhaka on the eve of the Rakhine conflict to voice "serious concern" about the potential for a renewed flow of migrants. In Bangladesh there are already around 400,000 Rohingya migrants in poor shelters near the Myanmar-Boarder. In Bangladesh, a bloodthirsty suppression of the indigenous Islamic militant movement is taking place and has sworn on its territory "zero tolerance" for acts of extremist brutality.

Myanmar has asked Myanmar on several occasions to take back the Rohingya migrants and tackle the causes of the issue. In spite of the persecutions of decades, the Rohingya in Myanmar's west Rakhine state have largely renounced force. However, in October, a small and hitherto unidentified group of militants, known as the Army, carried out a number of well co-ordinated and lethal assaults on members of the military force.

Myanmar's Myanmar forces have reacted with a major breach of law. About 87,000 new displaced people flocked to Bangladesh, carrying shocking tales of murders, rapes and burnt-outs. Over the last few month, everyday struggles have declined, but the civilian population has described that they are caught between the army's "evacuation operations" and an attempt to assassinate the fighters who kill anyone under suspicion of cooperation.

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