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Here you will find all national and international information about Myanmar. The Myanmar parliament elects Suu Kyi as its new president. Wrong news on Facebook fans the flames of hatred against the Rohingya in Burma. Bengali terrorist news in Rakhine. Myanmar Reuters reporter for "violation" of secrecy law: court.

Buranmar hard line friars swear to remain on Facebook despite prohibition - Break News

In contrast to many other news organisations, we have not set up a payment wall. Our aim is to keep our journalists open and available and to continue to provide you with news and analysis from Israel, the Middle East and the world. Thanks, YANGON - Myanmar's hard-line friars will evade prohibitions on Facebook and continue to use it to "tell the truth," they said on Friday after the big corporate news giants blocked several Buddhist natalists for hatred of Rohingya Muslims.

UN agencies examining a possible Myanmar holocaust have said that Facebook is a repository of publicity against the Myanmar ethnic minorities in a land where it has become an almost omnipresent communication instrument when the business community opens up. Myanmar's ethnic activist friars and militants, who have become a major protagonist in politics in recent years, share on Facebook violence and fury against the ethnic minorities who are regarded by many in the Buddhist land as legal migrants.

"It' s a breach of free speech," said Thuseitta, a member of the Patriotic Myanmar Monks Union, Reuters hour after Facebook ID'd him as a "hate character. "We' re gonna keep using Facebook with different nicknames and different bank accounts to tell folks the truth." Almost 700,000 Rohingya Muslims have escaped to neighboring Bangladesh, the United Nations and relief organizations said after an intervention by the armed forces after the Rohingya rebels' attack last August.

Fear of massive cruelty to Rohingya civilists in Burma

They followed a weeks of violent and "rebellious" declarations of governance that prompted the British Ambassador to the UN to call on Burma's de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi to "set the right tone". On 25 August, the State of Northern Iraq broke into new bloodshed when the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (Arsa) - since designated by the state as a criminal organization - started fatal assaults on 30 military bases.

About 200 Rohingya men, wives and kids were allegedly murdered by Burmese police and Burmese ethnic-rakhic people. The group said that troops allegedly detained a large group of Rohingya men, walked them into a near-by shelter, burnt them on fire and burnt them to their deaths. "ªMy Brother was murdered -[Myanmar Army soldiers] burnt him with the group,º Chut Pyin's 41-year-old Abdul Rahman cited.

Burma's armed services on Friday said some 400 lives had been lost since 25 August, including 370 Rohingya rebels, 13 members of the armed services, two civil servants and 14 civil servants. Both the army and the administration have predicted that it will be hard for law enforcement agencies to differentiate between rebels and civil servants.

It also said that the administration is conscious of the need to defend "innocent Muslims" while taking action against Arsa. "Support for Aung San Suu Kyi and reform in Myanmar does not mean that the UK administration must be left behind and do nothing, as several hundred Rohingya are being butchered by the military," he said.

UpDate: After the release of this paper, we were asked to further make it clear that rakine ethnics were charged with cruelties against Rohingya civilists and Myanmar military personnel.

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