Lashio Travel Guide

Lazhio travel guide

The Lashio city guide is an overview and needs more content. Lazhio is a city in Shan State, Myanmar. Discover the less visited side of Lashio Myanmar through our latest travel guide. Research expert recommendations for Lashio and create your own itinerary.

Myanmar Lashio - The ultimate travel guide

Lazhio is a city in Shan state that was part of the Burma Road because of its closeness to China. This is because it provides a stunning view of a historic Shan city and a great way to see some of the local cuisine, cultures and histories first-hand.

The city also has some lovely sights, such as a few 2,000-year-old couples. Avoiding the rainy period in Myanmar, which lasts from June to October, is often best because the climate can be erratic and areas can be slightly flooded.

While Lashio is not a well known touristic area in Myanmar, you will still find a good selection of accommodations here and it is unlikely that many places will be fully book. Usually you can calculate for a room in Lashio with approx. 20-35 US dollars. You also have inexpensive rooms for four persons, which are 30,000 MMK per day, and there is Wi-Fi throughout the school.

For those with a slightly higher budgets, you can try the Palace Hotell, which is about two kilometers from the city center and offers rooms from 30 to 50 US$ per city. They are equipped with wi-fi, warm running cold and a simple buffetfast. A further new guesthouse in a similar rate category is the CS Spa with 40 US dollars accommodation for families, equipped with Wi-Fi, warm running waters and BB.

Although Lashio is not a fixed point on the touristic path, you will still find a good choice of restaurants here. The offer includes both West and East European and Shan State is known for its Shan Kauk Sway pasta and sausages. One of the good choices we can offer you is the Family Cafe, where you can get a good choice of China and Burma cuisine and where you can also find free Wi-Fi.

For a taste of Thai cuisine, visit the wooden house near the international airports, which offers an extensive Thai meal that is very popular with the people. When you opt for some westerly choices, then you can try Sun Moon, the two local supermarkets and has a café area where you can enjoy some tasty biscuits as well as coffees, smoothie and frost.

A further westerly alternative is the restaurant which, as the name suggests, offers pizzas and free Wi-Fi. Lashio city centre has a large sunset nightsquare, and this is the best place to buy genuine Myanmar road cooking.

Lashio city centre is small and relatively simple to walk around. You can take a cab for longer trips, e.g. to the international airports. Lashio can be reached from Mandalay or Yangon by the Shwe Mandalar coach, which will cost about $15 from Yangon, or $22 for the more luxurious VIP coaches.

Please be aware that there are currently no busses to Tachileik, which means that you cannot travel to the Thai frontier from Lashio. It is also possible to arrange a personal vehicle or cab to take you to Lashio, which is the most convenient way to travel, although you will have to arrange a fare directly with the drivers.

A further possibility is to take the Lashio rail from neighboring Hsipaw for the price of MMK 600 for a one-way/one. It' possible to take a Mandalay Lashio to Lashio but remember that it is a long way and will take a whole days (well, 15-16 hours), so you should stop the ride by continuing on the way.

A number of stations on the railway line are Pyin Oo Lwin, Kyaukme or Hsipaw itself. Myanmar timetables can be irregular and vary at times, but this is also one of the best ways to get to Lashio. There' s also a simple Lashio airfield, but it's more of a runway than anything else.

However, from here you can still travel to Mandalay, Tachileik, Yangon and Heho (if you continue to Kalaw and Inle Lake). LAshio's a secure place? There are many international councils that recommend not to travel to Shan State, with the sole exceptions of Lashio and the surrounding area.

Being such, this is a relatively secure place to go, although if you travel by road, you should take extra care where from. There' s been a story of ongoing conflicts and struggles in Shan State, so it's best to review the latest safety record before you travel.

Lazhio has a small clinic, but the standards of healthcare in Myanmar are low. When you become seriously ill, you will need to travel to a bigger town such as Yangon for medical attention.

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