Lashio Tourism

Lazhio Tourism

Activities in Lashio, Myanmar: A few stops away is Hsipaw, which is similarly beautiful but has an overcrowded tourism industry. Lazhio is off the beaten track of Burma and sees very few tourists. Discover the best of Lashio with free Lashio travel guides and travel tips. Come and learn all about Lashio now!

Lazhio travel guide & tips

Burmesian: ?????????????; MLCTS: la: hrui: mui., IPA: Shan: ??????????) is the biggest city in the Shan state of Myanmar, about 200 kilometers northeast of Mandalay. The house is on a low mountains foothills with a view of the Nam Yao rivulet. The highest peak of the Shan Hills, Loi Leng is 45 km southeast of Lashio.

It is the administration centre of Lashio Township and Lashio District; before April 2010 it was also the administration centre of Shan State (North). Most of the people are Shan, Chinese and Burmese. Do you plan a holiday in Lashio, Myanmar? The holiday scheduler provides you with all the important information you need.

Lashio can usually take 1-2 vacation rental dates. Looking for a Lashio trip plan?

Best activities in Lashio

In Lashio there are some thrilling things to do. Ranging from historic places to some of Lashio's best places of interest, you' ll find the full listing of all the other Lashio area' tourist spots. Find new places of interest and unforgettable activity near Lashio. Don't miss these fantastic places of interest in Lashio. View the Lashio and surrounding area attraction and activity lists.

This will help you to organize a wonderful journey to Lashio. Lashio has some of the best sights in Lashio and the surrounding area, top tourist sites such as historic sites, nature sites, adventure and fun with food and bourgeois. With everything you can do in Lashio, addresses, review, facts, pictures of travelers & more.

Looking for a Lashio trip plan? Got to see places in Lashio sorted by population. See the full listing of Lashio's best sights and places of interest.

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