Lashio Motel Myanmar

Myanmar Lashio Motel

Quickly compare hotel rates in Lashio Myanmar on hundreds of booking pages. Lazhio Hotels, Myanmar Myanmar. Buta Road, Lashio, Myanmar. The New Palace Lashio is situated in Lashio and offers its visitors free Wi-Fi connection in highways. Bike hire, 24-hour welcome and a receptionist are just some of the hotel's comforts.

The Lashio Motel provides a pleasant environment in Lashio. There is also a café and café, 24-hour room services and complimentary services, Wi-Fi access, baggage deposit and a hire acounter. The CS is in Lashio and provides free Wi-Fi. There are 33 well-equipped rooms with a wide range of facilities to guarantee a pleasant holiday.

Gold-Kinnara -Hotel with restaurants is in Lashio. There are rooms with A/C and the comfort of on-site carpark. Wi-Fi is available everywhere for free. Lashio has free WiFi throughout the site and provides lodging in Lashio. Our clients can taste the local cuisine. About Lashio .

Lazhio is the biggest city in Myanmar, about 200 kilometers northeast of Mandalay.


This award-winning 3-star Lashio Motel provides 24-hour room services and courier services. The centre of Lashio is 30 min walking distance. Rooms are non-smoking rooms with free Wi-Fi, minibar, air conditioning and workstation. Rooms are non-smoking rooms with free Wi-Fi, minibar, air conditioning and workstation.

Accommodation in Lashio

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