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Myanmar Lashio City

It' on its way to Lashio and the Chinese border town Muse. Burma 2013, nice city Hsipaw & Lashio, Shan State ! The Hsipaw (also known as Thibaw) is a city in Shan State, Myanmar on the banks of the Duthawadi Rivers. It' located 200 km to the north-east of Mandalay. Lazhio is the biggest city in Myanmar, about 200 kilometers north east of Mandalay.

Located on a low mountains foothills with a view of the Nam Yao rivulet and the Nam Yao Mountains.

The highest peak of the Shan Hills, Loi Leng is 45 km south-east of Lashio. The Shan state borders China to the north, Laos to the east and Thailand to the south. The western border is formed by the Myanmar Mandalay and Sagaing Division, with the Kachin State to the northwest and the Kayah and Kayin States to the southwest.

In the north and south there are higher mountains. The valleys and plateaus are populated by the Shan. They are mainly Theravada Buddhists and predominantly employed in agriculture. Outreach : les Shan, les Bamar, les Chinois birmans et les Karen vivent ici. ⪠Dans les montagnes, vous pouvez trouver de petites tribus telles que les Va et les Pa O.

Greater City Hotel - Burmese Only, Lashio - Actualized Rates 2018

In Lashio you will find air-conditioned rooms in our CS hostel. There is a 24-hour reception service. Each of the rooms in the guesthouse is equipped with a water boiler. The New Palace is located in Lashio with free WiFi. Each room has a TV with satellites and a en-suite bath. A 24-hour reception is available.

The Royal Ground in Lashio provides free WiFi. The rooms in the guesthouse are equipped with a writing table. The Thida Aye lodging in Lashio. The 2-star resort has 24 hour reception and free WiFi. The rooms in the guesthouse are equipped with a writing table, a TV and a en-suite bath.

2 dead, 11 wounded, by Myanmar bombing, Lashio city

Rangoon, February 21 (Reuters) - A bombing on Wednesday in Myanmar's north-eastern city of Lashio murdered two banking employees and wounded 11 persons, the administration said. Cops said they were conducting an investigation, but haven't said a single word about possible criminals. We' ve just got a (local) policemen's account of the Lashio bombing incident tonight," Myanmar's Myanmar capitol Thet Naing said over the telephone.

"The Myanmar administration's spokesperson Zaw Htay said in a Twitter report related to the government's declaration on the explosion in Lashio: "Two virgin girls were killed and 11 wounded. The other spokesperson for the law, Colonel Myo Thu Soe, said the law could not name any accused at the time. "We' re still investigating," he said to Reuters on the telephone.

An inhabitant of Lashio, 27-year-old Lway Dehnin, said she heared the blast at 4:30 p. m. near two banks situated in the city' heartland near bureaus of the Department of Heath. "This blast occurred near Aya and Yoma Bank. Do you know the window in the building was busted? The Yoma Bank released a declaration that two of its employees were murdered in its Lashio office and that its two Lashio office were closing down for the time being.

"The Yoma is still standing as a house in this sad situation," the house said in a declaration. Dean Reuters couldn't get ahold of anyone at the plant. Unconfirmed photos and videos published by locals and reporters on public relations sites showed the banking premises with burst doors and broken signs.

The Yoma Bank building's walls also showed traces of damages. Lashio, with more than 170,000 inhabitants, is one of the biggest towns in northeastern Myanmar and is situated on a major highway that connects the key city of Mandalay with the major crossroads on the Myanmar-China frontier at Muse, about 110 km (68 miles) northbound.

This is one of the biggest towns in the country's troubled Shan state, where several ethnically militarized groups are conducting insurrections against Myanmar's army. Myanmar's de facto Leader Aung San Suu Kyi is trying to revitalize a stammering peacemaking trial to end centuries of warfare. Last weeks cease-fire with the regime was undersigned by two gunmen.

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