Lashio City

Lazhio City

Most foreigners visiting Lashio are on their way to or from China, a large trading city in northern Shan State with a large Chinese population. Over the historic Gokehtaik Bridge, a fascinating journey to Lashio. Lazhio, city, Shan state, central eastern Burma. In the early morning hours the market in the city centre is full of activities.

2 casualties, 22 injured by bombing explosion in northeastern Myanmar in Lashio

According to the policemen, an inquiry was in progress, but did not want to clarify whether there were a suspect in the assault. Lazhio is located in Myanmar's restless Shan state, where several rebel groups of different races are battling Myanmar's war. "We just got a (local) policeman's account of the Lashio bombing explosion (Tuesday evening)," said Myanmar's Naypyitaw spokesperson Thet Naing.

Both deaths were both wives, said Zaw Htay, spokesperson for the administration, in an article on Twitter in connection with a declaration by the administration on the Lashio bomb. In a declaration, the army said that 22 persons were wounded. The other spokesperson for the law, Colonel Myo Thu Soe, said that no accused could be found at this time.

One Lashio resident, 27-year-old Lway Dehnin, said she overheard the blast at 4:30 p. m. near two banks near the local Department of Public Health building in the city' s heartland of 170,000 inmate. "The blast occurred near Aya and Yoma Bank. Mr. Yoma Bank said that two of her staff were murdered in Lashio and that both offices in the city would be shut down for a while.

Unaudited photos and videos of locals and reporters showed the banking houses with burst doors and broken notices. The Yoma Banks walls also showed traces of damages. One of Myanmar's biggest towns in northeastern Myanmar, Lashio spans the major highway between the city of Mandalay and Myanmar's northern Chinese frontier at Muse, about 110 km (68 miles) to the south.

Bombing in Shan is not uncommon, but they are usually much smaller than Wednesday's explosion. Myanmar's de facto head Aung San Suu Kyi wants to reinvigorate a stammering peacemaking trial to end decade-long racial warfare. A truce was initialled last weekend by two groups of gunmen with the administration.

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