Burma Road is shorter than the Chinese part, from the Ruili China & Muse (pronounced Mu Say) border crossing to Lashio. The Lashio Township (Burmese: ????

?????????????) is a community of the Lashio District in Shan State, Eastern Burma. Big savings on hotels in Lashio, Myanmar online. Lazhio is a pleasant, but unobtrusive hub for visitors to Shan State. Check all Lashio hotel offers at once.

Here is why you should include Lashio in your Myanmar itinerary

Once I bring up Myanmar, I'll get many more queries. You' ve got to go to Lashio! My favourite Myanmar stop was Lashio and this is why you should include it on your Myanmar route. The nearest stop is Lashio, a little further northerly and can be reached by rail or air.

So the old woman glanced at me and was kind enough to tell me that there are no aliens in Lashio. So I had to go; I had organised a Lashio outing. and there I was, up for another ride. Myanmar Advanced Outfitters organised this outing and if you choose to go to Lashio, I strongly suggest that you organise your journey with them.

Byron, a kind Canadian, and his spouse chose to open their businesses in Myanmar. Destinations are easy; sharing the scenery with travellers, customizing a journey that suits your interests and offers new possibilities to the villagers. I first saw this situation when I was in the Philippines; I saw some folks in the terraced paddy settlements who never left, who can't pay to have their children go to schools.... This situation is very much the same in Myanmar.

You have established a connection with the communities to provide a truly original learning environment, but also to introduce a new one. It' really been a great time. lt was solid and quite impressing! Lazhio showed me another side of Myanmar. It is not only about the big Buddhas and couples.... Myanmar is also an outstanding natural stop.

Have a look at this full travel guidebook for a whole weekend, two weekly or three weekly periods. You will be guaranteed the best route in Myanmar! Do you plan backpacks in Myanmar? Are you going to include Lashio in your Myanmar travel plan? Be free to use my affiliated link to reserve your accomodation for your next adventure:

Legal Disclaimer: I had a free journey with Myanmar Adventure Outfitters in return for my free of charge period to write this item.

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