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Las Vegas Congresses

Check out the Las Vegas Convention Calendar for more information on upcoming conventions. The Wynn Las Vegas, Las Vegas, CAALA Las Vegas Convention is the nation's largest law convention and brings together all lawyers and employees of the law firm. The Las Vegas Convention and Visiting Authority People from all over the world begin their Vegas adventure here. It is the venue for the most prolific and interesting conventions and conferences. You be the Vegas man.

Roll out the rhododendron for top-class functions and congresses in Las Vegas. Quick responses to common Las Vegas tourist FAQ.

Las Vegas Convention and Visitor Authority is the umbrella organisation for destinations in southern Nevada, which promotes travel, congresses, conventions and conventions. Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority is financed exclusively by attendees. There is no income from other sources, not even from the neighbourhood.

Vegas Convention Center

Situated on the border of the Las Vegas Strip, the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) covers approximately 3.2 million sq. meters with an exhibition area of 2 million sq. meters and a conference area of almost 250,000 sq. meters. It is one of the most frequented centres in the whole wide range of the globe - in a central location within a radius of over 100,000 rooms.

Besides exhibition and conference rooms 144 conference rooms offer room for 20 to 2,500 people. The large vestibule and registry area connect the exhibition hall with new exhibition and conference rooms and allow the construction, dismantling and exhibition of several exhibitions at the same time. The Las Vegas convention center was awarded AIPC Gold certification by the International Association of convention centers in 2012.

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Las Vegas Congresses

Coming Congresses: By 2016, more than 6.3 million attendees travelled to Las Vegas, earning over $9 billion in non-gaming revenues. More than 21,800 get-togethers and congresses took place in Las Vegas in 2016. Check out the biggest Las Vegas conventions or get a monthly listing of all conventions (see above links).

The city of Las Vegas has retained its status as the country's top exhibition city. This is the twenty-third year in a row that Las Vegas has had the honour. It is ranked by the TSNN (Trade Show News Network), which has published its 250 most important fairs in the USA.

Vegas was host to 57 of the biggest shows, more than the next two rivals put together. "As Rachel Wimberly, Chairwoman and Editor-in-Chief of The Trade Show News Network said, "Las Vegas has once again proved to be the No. 1 exhibition venue in the US with an amazing 57 shows on the 2016 TSNN Top 250 exhibition schedule.

"Las Vegas not only attracted the most shows, but also some of the shows showed remarkable growth." Las Vegas currently has more than 10.5 million sq. meters of congress and conventions facilities, which include the 2.3 million sq. meters of the Las Vegas convention centre, the 1.7 million sq. meters Mandalay Bay and the 2.25 million sq. meters Sands Expo and Convention Centre.

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