Largest Reclining Buddha in the World

The world' largest lying Buddha

The numbers are not in order. World' s largest lying Buddha Few er than an hour's car ride from the city of Moulmein, the huge face of the world's largest lying Buddha is revealed. With a height of 30 metres and a length of 180 metres, the sculpture near the village of Mudon is known as Two Paddy Bird's Pagoda.

This has become a favourite place for pilgrims and tourists among the Burmese, after the main monks of the Win Sein Taw Ya monastery had started the construction work about a century ago. Its five-storey inside contains a diorama of Buddha's entire lifetime, from birth to death and hell, an appalling memory for all those who visit it that wicked acts in the hereafter are punishable.

Though the building of the lying Buddha is still in process, it is still open to the general public. 2.

Wind Sein Taw Ya is the largest lying Buddha in the world - Review by Win Sein Taw Ya - Lying Buddha, Mawlamyine, Myanmar

It was a great surprise to me to see such a large lying Buddha picture erected on a hill. Scaling up stratum by stratum, I was again amazed to see the sculptures representing the scenes of the tales in cave-like structures. It was an unbelievable view after a motorcycle trip on an old, used motorcycle without electrical lighting.....

This is the largest (and perhaps the craziest) recumbent Buddha of all time - built on the designs of a 90-year-old friar (you can still see him). The eye remains in the texture, along with what felt like a dozen Disney dioamen of traditional Disney folktales - without interpretations in any kind of languages (!) The whole experiment is unreal and I wondered again and again if I had accidentally taken a halogenogenic one.

There is a better option on the north side of the street, as you can keep your boots on until you step onto the Buddha. To put it mildly, the largest lying Buddha sculpture in the world is impressing. I' ve hired a motorcycle to make it easier to find and explor.

It is still well worth examining out how everything with the heading "Worlds Have Been the Greatest" to win being Taw Ya - lying Buddha?

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