Largest City of Myanmar

Biggest city in Myanmar

It' Myanmar's second largest city. Astonishing culture of the Burmese / Myanmarese(?). andalay is the second largest city in Myanmar. This is therefore essentially an administrative and political capital.

The Naypydaw was also called the largest ghost town in the world.

Who is Myanmar's 4th largest city?

That' s a good thing, because it seems that every second row city in Myanmar is claiming to be the number-four. The largest are Yangon and Mandalay. Because of the city' s greatness, yes. Bago, Pathein, Pyay, Monywa and Meiktila. Soon Bago could be the number 4 if a second international airfield and a trading center are to be built there.

The city of PATHIN in the Deltas has a large drainage area, as does another city on the Pyay water. Upriver Monywa also likes the rivers. In the past he had the stream, then he was drying up, which led to his downfall. However, there is another candidate who, in my opinion, is currently the 4th largest city in Myanmar.

There are allegations that it has almost half a million people.

Myanmar's 4th largest city, Maklamyine

It is the capitol of Mon State and the 4th largest city in Myanmar. The city has about 240,000 inhabitants and is the major commercial centre and sea port in southeastern Myanmar. The old town of Mon is located 300 km southeast of Yangon and 70 km southwest of Thaton, at the Thanlwin River estuary.

Thanlwin is the longest highway and railway viaduct in Myanmar and the most striking symbol of the area. Situated 11,000 ft across the Thanlwin River, it connects the southeastern part of the land with Yangon. Many express buses run from Yangon to Mawlamyine every day.

The majority of them go directly to Mawlamyine via Mottoma over the Thanlwin Bridge. In the Myay Ni Gone district, near the railway terminal on the east side of the mountain crest, about 3 km from the city centre, the Mawlamyine coach terminal is very convenient. There are also two services a day from Yangon to Mawlamyine - the early service departs Yangon at 6.00 am and arriving in Mawlamyine at 3.30 pm.

Next platoon departs Yangon at 7:15 and reaches the city at 18:30. Many monuments in the city of Marlamyine, such as the Kyaikthanlan Pagoda, which was constructed in 875 AD and contains the Buddhist Tripitaka scripts and a Buddha-reliquary. The tallest building in the city of Manlamyine, it is 150 ft high on a mountain crest with a view of the city centre.

Win Sein Taw Ya, located about 20 km southwards of the town of Myanmar on the highway to Mudon, is another attraction. The Buddha has the largest lying Buddha picture in the worid. You can see it for a mile when you exit Mudon towards Maklamyine on the right side of the street between the mountains almost directly opposite the Kyauktalon Taung buddhistic sanctuary.

On the way to Setse and Kyaikkami lies Thanbyuzayat, the end of the line of the notorious Burmese Siam Railroad that connected Thailand with Myanmar during the Second World War occupying Japan. There were only 112 km of the route within Myanmar's borders. For a great place to buy local produce and gifts for your loved ones and families, visit the Zei Gyi Market, which stretches westwards around the Lower Main Road to Strand Road in the centre of the city.

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