The city of Larache is an important port in the Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region of northern Morocco. Located in Larache, Arabic Al-?Ar???

sh, Atlantic port city, North Morocco, at the mouth of the Loukkos (Lucus) River. Big savings on hotels in Larache, Morocco online. The LARACHE is a relaxed, carefree city whose summer guests are mainly Moroccan tourists who want to enjoy the beaches north of the estuary.


The city was probably established by the Banu Arous who gave it the name Araich Beni Arous. Looking at the harbour of Larache around 1670. By 1471 the Portugese colonists from Asilah and Tangier had driven the residents from Larache, and again it stayed deserted until the Saadi Sultan Mohammed ash-Sheikh resolved to populate it again and construct a fortress on the plain above the Loukos stream.

Built a fort at the harbour gate to control entry to the canal. Portugal in the fifteenth centuries referred to Larache as the biggest harbour. 1610 the city went over to the Spaniards, who remained there until 1689, but mainly used the harbours as commercial stations and never really managed the city.

Ismail Moulay conquered Larache by the siege of Larache (1689). The Larache attack went on, but they still stayed in Moslem hand. 1765 a frustrated fleets of France on the Larachexpedition. It was bombed by the Austrians in 1829 for Maroccan theft. Due to the colonization period, Spain took Larache in 1911 and kept it for 45 years until 1956.

The town of Lixus is the site of an old town in Morocco, just off the coast of the Loukkos River, just off the coast of the port of Larache. It was one of the old towns of the Kingdom of Mauritania. The Lixus was part of a string of Phoenician/Carthaginian villages; other important villages further southwards are Chellah[2] and Mogador.

As Carthage became part of old Rome, Lixus, Chellah and Mogador became part of the Kingdom of Mauritania. It was an antique Amazon town, which slowly gained importance and later came under Carthage rule. Lixus passed to Amazon (Berber) after the devastation of Carthage and reached his climax during the rule of the Amazon Emperor Juba II.

A number of antique Greeks authors can be found in Lixus, the legendary gardens of the Hesperides, the guardians of the gold apple. Name of the town often referred to by Hanno the Navigator as the geographer of Ravenna by Hanno authors and corroborated by the legends on the coin and by an epigraph.

Elders thought that this was the place of the Garden of the Hesperides and a shrine of Hercules, where Hercules collected golden apple older than the one in Cadiz, Spain. But there is no reason to believe that Lixus was established at the end of the second century BC.

The 2014 Morrocan Civil Liberties Survey showed that Larache had a total of 125,008 people. The Larache has a Mediterranean atmosphere with heavy rains. Colegio EspaƱol Luis Vives, an internationally renowned language center, is located in Larache. ikimedia Commons has medias that refer to Larache.

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