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The Lao People's Democratic Republic (???) is a country in Southeast Asia. Vientiane is the capital of Laos.

Laos, officially known as the Lao People's Democratic Republic, is one of the poorest nations in Southeast Asia. It has a small economy and is heavily dependent on the agricultural sector. Lao's universities.

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"Laos is a South-East Asian country: peaceful, independent, democratic, united and prosperous" (???). Vientiane is the capitol of Laos. Laos, a Tai linguistic group of languages, is the offical one. Laos's primary crops are paddy. The only inland in South-East Asia.

It is a little smaller than Romania and Colorado. There are three distinct periods (rain, coldness and heat). It is subdivided into 16 counties and one preference. It is one of the five surviving states of communism in the rest of the word. Only the Laotian People's Revolutionary party (LPRP) is a legitimate one. He' s Secretary General of the Lao People's Revolutionary Union.

Soon after the end of the Vietnam War, the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) merged with Pathet Lao, launched a putsch on 2 December 1975 to bring down the Laotian Government and set up a local authority that still runs the state. Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong is the leader of the state.

The policy of the coalition is decided by the political parties. The Council of Ministers examines important intergovernmental issues. The Wikimedia Commons has a relationship with Laos.

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Help us with your WikiProject feedbacks! Anyone hear of the Xiengkhoung Providence Public Schools in Laos? It is a rather bizarre subject, but it is published here because Laos is a neighbouring state and an ASEAN colleague and it is preferable to have the widest possible involvement in a potentially contentious stock-exchange.

When I read a number of resources, do I wonder if the concept of National Protected Area has replaced the National Biodiversity Conservation Area in Laos? In this context, the website of Laos Ecotourism (Lao Government) points to the system of national protected areas, although it is possible that NBCAs for some areas are still included in the name ("probably older material").

London Planet's Laos 2014 and 2010 releases discussed the name shift in detail in their Environment section: Although it is not clear how up-to-date their information is and they use a wide range of resources (including Wikipedia for descriptions). There are a number of recent nature protection literature on NPA in Laos.

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