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Weather in Laos

Laos climate is best described as tropical, with a seasonal monsoon, which means that the weather is hot and humid with lots of rain in the rainy season. January in Laos, January weather: Laos generally has a relaxed climate, without coastal strip, which causes annoying storms. The best time to visit Laos. Trustworthy advice on the best time to visit Laos, with information on when and when not, weather and unforeseeable events throughout the year.

The best travel season for Laos - Weather per Mt. - Klima

What is the best period for a trip to Laos? In Laos, the drought usually lasts from October to April and the rainy period from May to September, with the highest precipitation in general in August and September, especially in the southern hemisphere. Laos's warmest period is usually between March and June, when the temperature can rise to 35°C and above.

Although you can sail all year round in Laos without the coast, the weather system of Laos is relatively simple in comparison to much of Asia; it consists of a drought (October to the end of April) and a rainy period (May to the end of September). Every year there are fluctuations in temperatures, with the driest rainy period (March and April) and early rainy (May and June) usually being the warmest one.

The temperature throughout the whole nation is also strongly influenced by height, with much of the nation at a temperature that lowers the country's mean temperature by several degrees Celsius. Usually the northern, middle and east areas are at a higher elevation than the southern ones, where the Mekong River Vale has the least atmospheric moisture and temperature above 35°C between March and April is not infrequent.

During the first few seasons of the rainfall ('May to July') it remains very warm and precipitation is often short-lived, while in the last few seasons (late July to September) it can become more consistent and occasionally severe, especially in the south of the state. All over Laos the daytime temperature averages 29°C in the plains and 23°C in the mountains during the rainfall.

Anywhere in the countryside, except in the warmest part of the year, it is often wise to have a sweater or wool for the evening when there is a trend for it to get quite chilly.

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