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The Laos on the world map

The interior of Laos is one of the few remaining communist states in the world and one of the poorest in East Asia. Lao Lao Lao Country Map, Atlas. For decades isolated from the outside world, Laos is one of the most fascinating travel destinations in Southeast Asia. Locate Laos on the world map. Lao's location map, which shows the geographical location of Laos on the world map.

Where' s Laos? Where is Laos in the world? Laos Map

So what is the capitol of Laos? In 1953 Laos became an autonomous state after having gained its independence from France.

Laos has a total of 6,586,266 inhabitants (2012) and the country has a concentration of 29 persons per sqkm. Laos is denominated in Kip (LAK). Lao is also known as Laotian/Laotian. The Laotian Peninsula is divided into 5 countries: For more information, please see our section on the Lao People's Democratic Republic.

So what is the capitol of Laos? Vienna is the capitol of Laos. It is also the republic's centre of politics and the home of its chief of state.

Lao map and satellite pictures

Lao's border countries: Where' s Laos? Lao information: Situated in southeast Asia. Discover Laos with Google Earth: GooglEarth is a free application from Google that lets you discover the towns and countryside of Laos and all of Asia in amazing detail. GooglEarth is free and user-friendly.

A world map of Laos: This is one of nearly 200 lands shown on our Blaue Oceans Laminated Map of the World. These include national borders, large towns, large mountains in shadowed reliefs, sea levels in shades of blues and many other characteristics. It is a great map for college and high school and office use, and wherever a beautiful world map is needed for educational, exhibition or decorative purposes.

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Important seas, streams, cities, streets, land borders, coasts and nearby isles are shown on the map. Lao's cities: Boun Nua, Boun Tai, Donnoun, Khammouan, Khok-He, Longcheng, Louangnamtha, Louangphrabang, Muang Kasi, Muang Ou Tai, Muang Phonsavan, Muang Souy, Thathom Muang, Muang Va, Napheng, Ou Nua, Pakxe, Phongsali, Phonhong, Salavan, Savannakhet, Thinkeo, Viangchan (Vientiane), Xaignabouri, Xaingkhoang, Xam Nua and Xiangkhoang.

Lao locations: Lao's National Ressources: Among the minerals for Laos are plaster, pewter, gold and precious stones. Further sources of wood and water power are the country's most important reserves. Lao's dangers: Laos has a lot of nature risks like flooding and drought. Lao's environmental issues: The Lao country's questions about agricultural policy are, among others, forest degradation and ground degradation.

Besides, the land is covered with shells. A further problem is that the majority of the people of Laos have no direct contact with drinking and drinking waters. It is a satelite map created with Landsat information from NASA and is based on information licenced and copyrighted by Map Resources © 2008.

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