Laos Myanmar

Lao Myanmar

The Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma, the Union of Myanmar The best of Laos and Myanmar is our most compact program, offering you the experience of the historical sites and culture of both mystical countries. Lao embassy in Yangon, Myanmar. Which is the easiest way from Myanmar to Laos? How many miles and kilometers from Laos to Myanmar, how far is it from Laos to Myanmar. A multi-country trip through Southeast Asia to Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, starting in Yangoon and ending in Luang Prabang.

Myanmar or Laos for 17 Imperial and Royalty Free Message Board

Hello Willem, Laos is much less expensive and much simpler to organize and travelling. It is my own view to go to Myanmar before it becomes even more tourist and you have enough money, other sage Laos. With regard to the routes, look at some journey stories and do some research on the kind of things you want to see and do.

I have some information and pictures from my journey to Laos and from our journey to Myanmar in my diary. Hopefully this will help, Hi thx, I never thought Myanmar would be more than Laos, can you recall how much it was? And Bangkok is a good "hub" for Myanmar, do you think?

Burma is laughably more pricey than Laos, but only in the last few years. Myanmar, because I am Myanmar. So if you choose to see one of two, I will vote for Myanmar. When you have all the trouble coming to Myanmar, you might as well stay there all the while.

Yeah, I, I'm going to Myanmar or Laos, it's only 17 nights..... staying in some places for a few nights, I don't like to travel every where? They both have astonishing things to boast of, and if you spend a few nights in any given place or municipality, you will really be able to relax and savor your itinerary.

I haven't been to Myanmar yet, but I've been to Laos and frankly I can't believe Laos would be great for 17 great outings. Whilst we liked Laos, other places - Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand, etc. were much more interesting for us and the meal is better! It is quite tidy, if that is important, and there are many friars and gilded mats.

Fabrics are beautiful, but also in Thailand and less expensive. Like I said, I haven't been to Myanmar yet, but I can't imagine there's such a thing as Bagan in Laos. Is Laos too expensive? Perhaps if you live in Luang Prabang, but I averaged $12 for guest houses in Laos (I've been there 8x & loved it!) and $25 for the same standard of guest house in Myanmar.

Currently Laos has more natural activities to offer than Myanmar, simply because many of Myanmar's wooded areas are taboo for westerly people.

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