Laos Map

Lao Map

Political map of Laos and a satellite image of Landsat. Lao cities on maps. Browseable map and satellite view of Laos with Google Earth data. Periplus's Laos Travel Map is a comfortable and easy to use tool for travelers. Lao Map Are you looking for the map of Laos?

Laos regions map

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Lao Map

It has been years of warmongering and warfare in Laos, but now things are looking up for this small South East Asia national. The number of visitors to the countryside, for example, has soared. It' evidence that more and more in the world are finding the kind of beautifulness known as Laos. Its quiet and peaceful countryside makes it a well deserved touristic attraction.

Laos, north-east of Thailand and western of Vietnam, is the best place for travelers who want a easy, tranquil and tranquil holiday. And Laos is not without attraction, either, of course, or elsewhere. One of the best outdoor activities outside the towns are the wooded hills of Northern Laos and the Vang Vieng area.

The best-known travel target in Laos is Luang Prabang.

Map of Thailand and Laos and two-week route

Two weeks of travel through Thailand and Laos shows Asia, with the hissing roads of Bangkok, in its most advanced and, in the corner of Laos, its most provinceally and intact. View our Thailand and Laos Experience Trip. It is best to stay in Thailand and Laos from November to March. Short shower afternoons seldom have an impact on travel, while lower rates (hotels and tours) and less frequent visits by foreigners can make your Thailand and Laos trips even more private.

Here you can see our latest travel reports about Thailand and Laos. Sail to Wat Arun and see the Emerald Buddha and Grand Palace, the former home of the popular king. This is Bangkok's oldest sanctuary and the home of the famous lying Buddha, which is 46m long. Bicycle to some of the unspoilt World Heritage-listed Ayuthaya Temples, to explore a wider area.

Once you have explored this amazing area, return to Bangkok for a trip to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Chiang Mai is a fortified town suitable for walks. Visit Wat Chedi Luang to see some of the many Buddha sculptures and pictures and see some of the siblings.

The Waror Red is the oldest and best-known of the city; try some of the colorful Thai candies. Later in the day stroll through Chiang Mai's tempting grocery stores or try the traditional Chiang Mai kitchen in one of the culinary colleges, then visit the overnight fair, which is supposed to be a contemporary variation of the bazar of Yunnanese Yawkers.

On your way to Chiang Rai, stop to see how the colorful hill tribes' gifted craftsmen, who call this area home, produce crafts. It is the gate to the Golden Triangle, the area where Thailand will meet its neighbours Laos and Burma. Head to Chiang Khong on the powerful Mekong River to start your quiet journey in Laos, the land of millions of bulls.

Approximately six hrs drive you reach the single fair city Pakbeng, which is known for its border area. When you have an additional night, just sit down and go to the elephants camps across the street. Spend your morning on the riverbank and take a full days trip to Luang Prabang, past luxuriant woods and tranquil towns.

Visit the Pak Ou caverns to see virtually thousand of Buddha sculptures and paintings. End your quiet cruise on World Heritage-listed Luang Prabang, one of the highlights of any travel route in Thailand and Laos. From Luang Prabang, take a flight to Vientiane, one of Asia's most relaxed capital cities. Begin your trip at the Patuxai Monument, also known as Laos' Arc de Triomphe, overlooking the town from the attic.

Sisaket Wat is one of the oldest and most attractive of Vientiane's churches, with virtually thousand of miniatures Buddha-statures. Pha That Luang is a gold-clad Buddha statue and an important historical landmark, and the Lao Museum shows the Lao fight for French sovereignty. To get an interesting glimpse, please come to the COPE Center, a community organization that provides prostheses for people in need, many of whom are UXO survivors after years of war.

It is an interactivity and information center and a unique visitor attraction. The Insider Journeys organizes a two-week Thailand and Laos Adventure small group travel to the above mentioned highpoints. You can also book a tailor-made Thailand and Laos tours to make a tailor-made one.

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