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On another occasion someone asked me: "Is Laos a country with the king named Norodom Sihanou". Situation of Laos, see more maps of Laos. Laos site facts and statistics. This map shows where Laos is on the map of Asia. Go back to see more maps of Laos.


As an inland state in Southeast Asia, which occupies the northwestern part of the Indochina' s Peninsula, Laos is encircled by China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Burma. It is a hilly land, especially in the northern part, where the summits are over 2,800 meters (9,000 ft) high. Laotians immigrated from the south of China to Laos in the eighth century.

The first Lao state was established in the fourteenth centuary, the Lan Xang empire, which governed Laos until it was divided into three different empires in 1713. During the Second World War, a powerful nationist move evolved, but France restored the rule in 1946 and made the Luang Prabang Emperor the institutional sovereign of all Laos.

In 1949 France allowed semi-autonomy and in 1950, stimulated by the Viet Minh revolt in Vietnam, full autonomy within the French Union. Prince Souphanouvong organised the Pathet Lao, a local liberation camp in North Vietnam in 1951. Vietminh and Pathet Lao troops entered the centre of Laos, which led to a conflict.

The 1954 Geneva Accords and a 1955 ceasefire transferred two north-province Pathet Lao, the remainder to the King's regimé. 1957 Prince Souvanna Phouma, the King's Premier, and Pathet Lao's Chief Prince Souphanouvong, the Premier's half-brother, reached an agreement to re-establish a single administration with Pathet Lao's involvement and integrating the Pathet Lao Armed Services into the King's armies.

It became a triathlon in 1960 when General Phoumi Nosavan, who controlled most of the King's armies, founded a pro-Western revolution under the leadership of Prince Boun Oum in the North. In December, General Phoumi took Vientiane with him and drove Souvanna Phouma into Cambodia in the process of emigration. Souvanna Phouma was endorsed by the Sovjet block.

A ceasefire was signed in 1961 and the three rulers approved a governing alliance led by Souvanna Phouma. However, North Vietnam, the USA (in the shape of CIA personnel) and China stayed afloat after the Lao settlements. Northern Vietnam used a Ho Chi Minh Trail, which led down the Lao's east Lao mountains to Cambodia and southern Vietnam, especially after the US and Southern Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia in 1970 ended the provision of food via Cambodia's sea ports.

A 1973 settlement reinvigorated the governing coalition. Communist pathet Lao took over in 1975 and appointed Souphanouvong as chairman and Kaysone Phomvihane as premier. Abolition of the Austro-Hungarian Empire took place on 2 December 1975, when Pathet Lao replaced the governing Coalition and King Sisavang Vatthana resigned. According to most global estimations, Laos is one of the 10 least developed nations in the word.

It was ascribed to a group of Hmong tribes in the Noth. Other ascribe the bomb to competing fractions in the administration or army. Choummaly Sayasone became General Sectretary and Chairman of Laos in 2006. Bouasone Bouphavanh became first deputy premier. LAOZ.

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