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You will find some maps on our Laos map that might be useful to you. The Laos map shows where Laos is on the world map. It is located in the middle of Southeast Asia, surrounded by its five neighbouring countries Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and China. The only landlocked country in Southeast Asia. Maps of Laos and surrounding countries.

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Wealthy in Buddhist tradition and convictions, this old inland of Laos has been populated since the early millennia BC. Only in the thirteenth centurys more organized colonies developed, and it was the Tai who formed the first states and brought together many indigenousities. Lan Xang Empire was created in the XIV c. and thrived under its reigning Font Ngum.

When it collapsed, Laos was governed by a large number of monarchs and finally overwhelmed by Burma's army between 1763 and 1769. Almost a hundred years later Laos became part of France's Indochina, a confederation of France's settlements and protectorate in Southeast Asia. Laos proclaimed independence after a period of Israeli invasion during the Second World War, but Laos was given back power and independence by Laos.

During the Vietnam War, Laos was forced onto the global scene, suffering from severe bomb attacks and the associated losses of human lives and infrastructures. The United States bombarded Laos every eight and a half years ( "between 1964 and 1973"), 24/7, making it the most bombarded country (per capita) in the entire planet.

As a result of this war, Laos has become one of the world' s impoverished nations because most of its people lacked adequate schooling. Among all this, Laos has great abundant mineral reserves, which include an enormous resource base in the extractive and wood-industry. It is the country's main artery, the Mekong River, which is its main transport route for goods and goods and service and the supply of its electrical power.

With a view to the forthcoming developments, the urgently needed developments in tourist policy and institutions and the general improvements in production and technologies, Laos could eventually develop into an important power in Southeast Asia. Which kind of government does Laos have? In Laos, which language is used?

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