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Take a look at the map of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos to prepare your trip. For Cambodia see Laos for Cambodia to Laos border crossing details. The Cambodia region is located in the southwestern part of the Indochinese peninsula in Southeast Asia. Quick English map of Vietnam Laos Cambodia, Vietnam Laos Cambodia. See the map of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos with epic panoramic views.

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There were Cochin China, Tonkin, Annam (all from Vietnam), Laos and the Khmer Republic (now Cambodia). You' ll find large amounts of white-faced 1920s, self-ie keys and bloated travelling scores on every remarkable turn. Easily accessible from Thailand, Indochina is usually used as part of a journey to Thailand's shores and isles ('Bangkok' as an entrance or departure point to the region).

Formerly - and during the time when Vietnam/Laos opened up to tourists and Cambodia was safely to be visited - the stuffing group is now simple to ride for seasoned passengers and trails. However, it is much impoverished than most Thai people and especially in Laos it is easier to find yourself in another way than the backpackers' clubs that some towns/villages have become.

To put it in a nutshell, there are perhaps three main reason why Cambodia is the new top destinations in Southeast Asia. On the one hand it sounded quite adventuresome and still is to a certain extent, on the other hand it is near Thailand and[three] it contains one of the biggest miracles of the whole wide globe - Angkor. Kompong Som (aka. Sihanoukville) is situated below the high local standards, better in Thailand and less overcrowded in South Vietnam (although some of the areas around are very beautiful).

But few places in the whole wide globe compete with Angkor and it is good enough to go to Cambodia. Visas strategy: Now you can get a touristic visas on your way to Cambodia at all Cambodia airport and most major Thai borders, so you do not need to apply for a visas in time.

Learn about the Angkor Temple and the country's murder past. Judges will be in Phnom Penh's Traveller/Expat Bar and Restaurant. traffic, holiday packages and mass tourism in Angkor. Trouble, especially in Phnom Penh, is terrible and tuk-tuk riders are waiting outside the inn to provide you with whores and meths at all times.

They are judged in Sihanoukville (Cambodia's pristine seaside resort). It is doubtful the purity of the waters and it is not as quaint as all Cambodian touristic hotspots, that is quite aggravation. Now there are six full boarder crossing points between Cambodia and Thailand; all are open from 07:00 to 20:00 and visas on arrival are available from everyone, the formal cost of visas for tourists is US$30 (you have to buy in US dollars to get this price), but in reality you will probably have to spend more in Baht, especially in Poipet and Koh Kong, where the officers like to overblow it.

In Phnom Penh or Siem Reap airport the costs are US$30 plus 2 photographs. For Cambodia see Laos for Cambodia to Laos Frontier More... Today it is unlikely that you will be exploded on the touristic path, but you have to be careful that the land still has a thousand undetected mines.

Look for sunburn on the rooftop of the Phnom Penh to Siem Reap vessel. Pickpocketing is still a Phnom Penh issue. The best and busiest season to see the weathers. It is a tipical touristic path: Between Bangkok and Siem Reap, the gate to Angkor, then by ferry to the capitol Phnom Penh (PP) and more and more often to a seaside village or Koh Rong.

This northeastern area has the same scenery and strains as the main highland of Vietnam and the Vietnam side has better institutions. Kampuchea is inexpensive. Nevertheless, in some places it gets more costly and there are some prices for foreigners (e.g. the Phnom Penh to Siem Reap boat), combined with the Angkor ticket (about $37 in one and $62 in three successive nights, $72 for longer (still every pence worth) - but that will certainly increase).

However, a can of dietetic cocaine in the jungles will not be less costly than in an inexpensive grocery in your home state, although Cambodia will remain one of the impoverished Asian states. All in all certainly less costly than Thailand, maybe even more than Nepal/Laos. Look at US$25-35 per person per night, without entrance fee to Angkor.

In Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville there are now some ATM' s, but it is recommended to bring along US$ or thbs. Travelers checks can easily be used in Siem Reap or Phnom Penh. This' Give me your US money' approach can make Java experience - similar to when masses of Vietnamese came.

Cambodia is after all a particularly impoverished nation, with 50% of the Cambodian people live on less than one US Dollars a year. A lot of all-inclusive holidaymakers and Japs in Angkor. However the three major trails to Phnom Penh (from Siem Reap, Sisophon and Sihanoukville) are all asphalted and in good conditions and in recent years there have been many upgrades on other highways ( "Phnom Penh to Battambang - 3.5 hrs / "Phnom Penh to Siem Reap - 5-6 hrs").

This is the only slow Phnom Penh to Battambang every other night. There are now departures from Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh on a regular or almost adage. Many touristy minibuses leave from Khao San Road for those who can't/do not want to buy the luxuries of an airplane.

Though much, much better than in the past years the Thai street is still in a poor condition. You will be referred to the outstanding detail and pictures on the Tales of Asiasite for all aspects of transportation by car from Bangkok to Cambodia. One way or the other, it's very simple to see Angkor now.

Of course, the disadvantage is that the number of tourists has increased considerably in comparison to the 90s and 00s. Widely used Lonely Planet, good Angkor section, available for about US$10 in Siem Reap, but not really needed. An excellent guide for Angkor is Ancient Angkor - by Michael Freeman and Claude Jacques, very instructive with route suggestions, advice on the best places for dawn and dusk and easy on your own to explore the remains.

Magnificent middle class hotel at good rates, simply in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Typical costs: $15-30, large middle class rooms in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. 4/10, Schlepper in Siem Reap and some mendicants. Frustrated one-dollar posture in Siem Reap around the temple. Latest news about catching motorbike bags in Phnom Penh.

Reporting common nuisance and feeling very unwell, along with taking note of Cambodia, which is regarded as one of the most perilous places for a lone woman. Nice (but not too cheap) keg beers and swimming pools in Phnom Penh. Phnom Penh and Siem Reap have a few pizza shops where you might get an additional sandwich, but the cops sometimes do.

Includes Angkor 9/10, without 5/10. To those who do not know, Angkor is a rally of churches in north-western Cambodia near Siem Reap. Angkor Wat is the most iconical, largest and most often depicted (above and on the Swiss nation flag). The Angkor Archaeological Park, covering an area of about 400 square kilometres, contains the stunning remnants of several Khmer Empire capital cities from the ninth to the fifteenth centuries.

Angkor Wat am Angkor Thom and the Bayon with its many faces, which look like something out of Tomb Raider, are the most beloved and biggest one. Up to a certain degree, the attraction of the area is the mere size and "discovering a missing sanctuary in the jungle" you are feeling in many smaller places that have almost become one with the jungles and are off the touristic route, which is focused on the bigger big sanctuaries.

Thom Angkor Wat and Angkor, the largest of them all and the old capitol next door. Little Circuit, which takes up important places just to the east of Angkor Thom. Roluos Group, 15 km due west of Siem Reap on National Highway 6. Outside sanctuaries, over 20 km for Angkor Wat.

In order to get the most out of Angkor, you really need to find some room away from the large crowd and travel groups. The transportation is a problem due to the huge nature of the compound and Angkor is quite wet and warm all year round - you could explore Angkor Wat and other places near by by bike, but you really need more than pedaling strength and the warmth makes it difficult.

It is forbidden and hard (not impossible) to avoid the rental of motorcycles to foreign drivers in Siem Reap. It gives tons of information about Angkor's visit to the web and in many detail. At a time when the streets were still in shock and Cambodians recalled previous guerrilla activities and putsches, there were few people in Angkor.

Nowadays, it' s simple to get there with a boom in Asia by air. Over two million international tourists come to Angkor every year, and this number will only rise if more Chineses do. It is open from 0500 to 1800 and the first and last few lessons are the most quiet plus noon.

The Angkor'highlight of independent travel' intro: Besides Myanmar, the hottest tourist resort in Asia, from Beijing to Islamabad, the name Laos is spoken among backpacker travellers as a fantastical, erotic, tourist-free city. Beautiful as it is, many parts will become an elongated run from Thailand. To see Laos, you'll need to devote your efforts and resources to get to the mountain people in the northern hemisphere (preferably from or to China).

You have the chance to get to know the "real" Southeast Asia, if not the last part, since it was only in 1989 that visitors are permitted to enter Laos. The city is a beautiful tourist resort and the northern part is one of a kind, but on the whole, especially the Luang Prabang - Vientiane Lauf, you can see more visitors than in Thailand, after all it is right next to it.

Spending your spare hours and efforts traveling further on the fields will be a first, but you would have deserved it, because road haulage is tough work where the dirt road runs out. Visas strategy: Obtain your 15 or 30 day Bangkok visas or on your way to Friendship Bridges and most international airport checkpoints or international airport in Laos.

Laos visas are much more costly in Vietnam than in Bangkok, where it is easily obtained. It is possible to get a one-month working permit in Bangkok. It is a tipical touristic path: From Chang Mai (Northern Thailand) to Laos at the Huay Xai crossroads, take a ferry to Luang Prabang and stay over.

Sometimes back to Thailand or the rough trip to Vietnam. Backpackers seem to adhere to the new part of Luang Prabang (the old part of the old part of the village is a little pricey, on budgeted trips to the southeast) and to Vang Vieng (this is a big destination). Improvements to the Lao highway system in recent years have transformed the routes of the traditional tourism path by creating a north-south path.

Laos-Cambodia frontier - long sealed - is now open. From the jetty you can organize a ferry to the street and then a lorry to the Laos frontier. You have to prepay at the frontier to get postmarked from Laos. There is a checkpoint in the woods and there is nothing more than a few custom officers and a poor street in Laos.

You' ll be paying again at the Kambodian frontier. It is now much simpler and more frequent - but there is still no visas on your return. A new north passage from Laos to Vietnam (Than Hoa, via Sam Neua) is quite impressive, but the transportation is quite hard and you need some free to work.

Laos's least expensive part is all southern Savannakhet, which includes the beautiful 1000 islands of the Mekong. In the rainy seasons you cannot drive on the roads to the northern and southern parts of the countryside, but high waterways allow you to navigate in and after this year.

The majority of travelers travel from Chiang Khong in Thailand via the frontier city of Houai Xai downriver on one or a set of these canoes. Streetworthiness isn't too poor now, but the option is quite simple in comparison to Thailand, as the paper clips are busses and mini vans, the latter could be used.

Huay Xai to Luang Nam Tha (LNT), for example, is completely paving or sealing, which reduces the journey from 10 hrs before departure to 4 hrs and makes LNT an easier (and worthwhile) target. As in Cambodia, traveling in Laos is a tougher job when it is far off the well-trodden paths. In Laos there are two carriers, the state-owned airline Lao Airline and Lao Skyways (only in Switzerland).

Like in Cambodia, some hardcore travelers, generally the regular "banana pancake" amount. Less older and all inclusive holidaymakers than in Thailand. Restricted, but constantly evolving (if you look at this, there will be a movie theatre with 10 screens in Vangviang). North Laos/Vietnam -'Highlight of Independent Travel' Intro:

"I' m in loving you for a long time" - who wouldn't want to go to Vietnam after hearing so much about it and having seen it in films and/or grown up with the land as embodying a beyond our approach or comprehension? Viet Nam is full of backpackers and packages walking up and down a footpath (which takes most people away from other hard-to-reach places).

Distance is great and, apart from the far north, the rides are not so great, but you can just chill out and have a good quality holiday - if you don't mind being part of a line - because traveling is pretty much straightforward, with inexpensive pre-arrangement trips for everything. Anticipate tries to pull you off, a little trouble/time needed to leave the footpath, and a lot of visitors, instead of having fires, helicopter operas bursting and the scent of Napel in the mornings.

Nevertheless, Vietnam is probably the least expensive nation in the traditional continental SE-Asia cycle and with far less trouble than Cambodia is today. Visas are just as straightforward. Visas strategy: There was a little trouble before getting a Vietnam visas. First, you no longer need to specify points of arrival and departure, as is the case with older guides, and the procedure is less straightforward as several different nationalities are now visa-free (Japan and South Korea, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland - 30 calendar working day, UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy - 15 calendar days).

For many other nations, on arrivals or through the e-visa system, which includes 40 nations and eliminates the need to wait for an aiport. Renewals are often available with less than 1 weeks for your current entry and after 3 renewals you will need to apply for a new one.

Vn/ - simply disregard all firms trying to offer you online visas for sale - there is no need for most to use these anymore. Get off the'Tourbus' / Highlight-Trail. Anger, masses of people, prices for foreigners, lack of money, the travel factors (see below), distance and the permanent touristic path.

It is a tipical touristic path: Quite good value for your money, if you follow the tourist-oriented transportation and do without foreigners' prices. Viet Nam is by far the least expensive nation in the typically continental SE-Asia-cycle. While most other travel locations have at least one ATM, for off-track travel (rural areas outside the big cities) it is advisable to provide enough ATM.

Distance is long, you probably have to drive over night (buses get cold). Don't underestimate the amount of free movement you have to make when you stay onshore. It may be more costly than coaches, but now foreigners find it the most convenient way to get around the country.

There' s a large railway line in Vietnam, the 1723-kilometre line between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), on which the Reunification Express operates. Touroperators and agencies have a tendency to buy all of these early. But often last minutes are spent buying a ticket that is not on sale by those who hang around the railway or from a travelling agency (but some scams) - a ticket is not very rare.

It' the quickest way to get around this long land. Vietnam Airlines is the largest German carrier in Vietnam. The rates are not too low if you want to conserve your valuable resources and some can be purchased online. VietJet and Mekong ( with brief cross-country flights). Vietjet has become an important Vietnamese aviation company, accounting for almost 40% of the entire Vietnamese home aviation industry.

One of the new innovations is a well-equipped 26-cabin cruiser that travels up and down the Bassac River between Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh City. One good source is the orginal (and now somewhat outdated) Peter M. Geiser Vietnam Trip FAQ or TravelFish. In fact, the type of hop-on hop-off coach ticket in Vietnam makes it easy to get off the well-trodden paths, as most travellers only go to places on the tourist coach itinerary.

When I came across your website looking for a checklist are ready for a journey to Southeast Asia (Vietnam and Cambodia). There is a well-worn footpath and yes, the anger in some places can be painful, but with a little bit of exertion you can get off the footpaths and it's very worth it!

Traveling to the Ha Giang and Cao Bang counties in northeastern Vietnam, there are still very few landscapes and few westerly people. The other less visited places are Phong Nha Ke-Bang in downtown Vietnam (and from what we've been told, the beach near Dong Hoi is fortunately quieter and clean than most).

We really wanted to go back - next trip maybe to the NW-Berge and on to Laos. In many places the tourists are feeling very tired. {\a6} (The absence of copyrights in Vietnam sometimes makes things complicated). North Laos/Vietnam -'Highlight of independent travel' The best resource for travel information is Trailblazers'Asia Overland'.

Though Cambodia (and some others) is very outdated, the remainder is excellent. Keep in mind, this is just a take (an outline, if you like); very few get the opportunity to see every centimetre of each land or have the opportunity to hear everyone's opinions (you are welcome and eager to email in yours).

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