Laos and Burma

Southwest Laos and Burma

We went ashore in Laos after we took the boat around the Golden Triangle. Laos and Myanmar's best is our most compact program, offering you the experience of the most historical sites and cultures of both mystical countries. There are temples, pagodas and sacred Buddhist shrines. The religion and legitimacy of power in Thailand, Laos and Burma. Thailand, Burma, Laos and Cambodia.

Cambodia - Laos - Myanmar (Burma)

19Siem ReapMorning, silk farm in Puok, Western Baray & Les Artisans D' Angkor, home of the crafts centre and the Old Market Square " Phsa Chas". 20Luang PrabangAfter having lunch at the lodge, you' ll be taken to the town' s historic museums and renowned marble racks. 21Luang PrabangAfter breakfasts, drive on the Mekong River, visiting the mystical Pak Ou caves.

Afterwards you will see the town of Ban Xanghai. Visiting the Jar Plain, an amazing archeological site with several hundred large glasses of rock spread all over the area. Visiting some mountain peoples towns. Visiting the oldest Wat Sisaket, the sanctuary with its thousand of miniatures Buddha-statures. The Luang Stupa and the monumental Patuxay Monument.

Bangladesh and Burma (Myanmar)

We went ashore in Laos after we took the Golden Triangle by canoe. Apart from the postage stamps and the opportunity to say that we were (technically) in Laos, it was a rather frustrating one. We introduced ourselves in Laos with a few open-air stores, all of which sold the same product in the center of no where.

This" city" seemed to have been specially designed for the tourist to do exactly what we did - put a foothold on Laotian ground and have our passes canceled. Don't get me wrong, it was still a lot of pleasure to be able to say that we were in Laos, but certainly a little disappointed.

When we were in Laos, I purchased a packet of Lao smokes and a flask of whiskey for my sibling. When we left Laos, we drove back to our coach to go to the Burmese frontier. Asked if the coach would take us to Burma, Wat said we would be deposed and headed to Burma.

Said the coach could get into Burma but might not get off so light. Interestingly, the last Thai towns on the way to Burma are half village/military. Arriving in the town of Mae Sae, the coach took us there. A short stop at the "Happy Room" was followed by a further crossing of the frontier.

We had already arranged for each of us to have our own personal rickshaw. We were taken to a Burmese buddhistic rickshaw sanctuary. It was a very strange place to visit. The rickshaw brought us back to the square after the visit of the shrine, where Wat gave us 45 min. to go shopping.

but some of the members of the group commented that when we all came down from our trickshaws, they could listen to a lady who "had a good time" or at least pretended to have a good one. In comparison to Thailand, the markets were very different. So many more mendicants ( "traders") were sold smokes and other inexpensive garbage.

Eventually I purchased a small metallic chime as a Burmese keepsake and a collar as a present for a colleague. Because I had purchased a packet of Lao smokes for my little boyfriend, I thought I would also buy a box from Burma. When he had purchased a box from one of the merchants, he asked me if I wanted any hot DVD's and showed me a porn album.

She didn't like Burma. But we were fortunate - it was raining when we were on the rickshaw on the way to the local rickshaw store, stopping for groceries and restarting when we were leaving Burma to return to our coaches.

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