On its climax it ruled today's Laos and a large part of neighbouring northern Thailand. Laos, Luang Prabang, in three days: itinerary. The inland of Laos, often overlooked for the benefit of its better-known neighbours, remains one of the most enchanting destinations in Southeast Asia. A honeymoon and family holiday in Laos. Celebrate your stay in luxury hotels in Laos.

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Lao preserves many of the tradition that has vanished in a rush of growth elsewhere in the area. The state of Laos is one of the most diverse ethnic groups in the area and reflects its geographical position as Asia's hub. Hmong perennials are living off the countryside in isolated hill towns in the northern mountains, the isolated Kahu and Alak towns in the southern regions have the last surviving face tattos, and the Katang towns in the centre of Laos are sleeping with the ghosts of the woods.

Be it in the towns of the lowland or in the isolated highland towns, Laos provides some marvellous possibilities for community interact. Laos changes its greens like a chamaeleon with its deep and breeding jungles, bright emerald-green paddy lands and glittering tealeaves covering the hills.

However, it is not only the lush countryside that is green: Laos is the leader in eco-tourism in Southeast Asia. In secluded areas of the countryside, sheltered areas dominate, and communal hiking links these stunning nature sites with the opportunity to enjoy the "real Laos" with a host family in the town.

Travelers flock to Laos for good reasons. There is something for everyone in Laos.

About Laos

The city of Laos has a long tradition that goes back 10,000 years. On its climax it dominated today's Laos and a large part of the neighboring north of Thailand. It is the ideal place to switch off from business life or take a rest in a hyper-active itinerary, this country of mountains, fog and wild nature attracts with incomparable tranquillity and calmness.

Rejuvenate your spirit, open your hearts, and let the true beliefs and generosity of Laos revive your souls. Laos has more than 10,000 years of mankind experience when rock implements and heads were excavated in Huaphan and Luang More..... If, however, you plan to move, it is a good practice to review certain data and information to prevent unpleasant surprise.

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