Land Border Crossing Thailand Myanmar

Border crossing Thailand Myanmar

Situated in the Thai province of Kanchanaburi, Ban Nam Phu is a remote city with a border crossing to Myanmar. Trick-style Travel & Tours With Myanmar opening its doors to the outside, more and more formal boundaries are opening up for travellers wishing to transit by land from neighbouring states. Currently, it is only possible to move around the country between Myanmar and Thailand. Approval is required for the India crossing (at Moreh, Manipur State) and the China crossing (at Ruili, Yunnan Province).

Border crossing to Bangladesh is not currently allowed for foreign nationals, and Laos has no formal border crossing (although it will be opened shortly). If you are traveling to Myanmar by land, you must always apply for your Myanmar Visum in advance; it is currently not possible to obtain a Myanmar border entry visum, and e-visas are not available.

Please have a look at our map for further information to see the respective border control point. According to the treaty between the Government of the Union of Myanmar and the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand, the following border crossing points are now formally open to foreign nationals who were identified as entry/exit points on 28 August 2013 (Wednesday) at 8 a.m., and Myanmar and Thai nationals and third countries nationals with passports may travel in and out of Myanmar; if you plan to land across the border, please bear in mind to verify that there were no bans before you start yourtrip.

Also, make sure you have the appropriate type of travel permit (or qualify for exemptions when entering Thailand from Myanmar). This is the right place if you want to make a border crossing between Thailand and Myanmar: International travelers now have full Myanmar remnant when they arrive in Myawaddy from Mae Sot, Thailand.

Mae Sot is one of the most famous crossroads in the Thai Tak County. It' s well served by Thai side buses, and it' s relatively simple to get to Myanmar. At Myanmar's side, the new Dawna Mountain highway that connects Myawaddy to the remainder of Myanmar is easily accessible according to your interests, such as Mount Kyaiktiyo (the Golden Rock), Hpa An, Mawlamyine and Yangon, so you can join with other parts of the state.

This is one of the most visited border crossing points between Myanmar and Thailand. Sai Mae is located in the Thai Chiang Rai region. Foreign nationals can traverse the border at Mae Sai (Thailand, Chiang Rai Province) / Tachileik (Myanmar, Shan State) and go as far as Kyaing Tong in Myanmar; but there are still restrictions as you need a visa.

Remark: Thailändischer Baut is the major local dollar in Tachileik, as the country's economic activity is founded on cross-border commerce and travel. Crossing the bridge that divides these two cities, it is possible to reach the most southern point of Myanmar. It is the most comfortable crossing for those travelling from southern Thailand to Myanmar.

Perfect for those who love the sea, you can take yachts to some of Myanmar's shimmering shores and islets. It will take about 20 min. to cross the two lands and there are frequent ferry connections. Situated in the Thai Kanchanaburi region, Phu Nam Ron is a secluded city with a border crossing to Myanmar.

After Htee Khee, the next larger city on Myanmar's side, we head to Dawei, which is about five hours' car ride from the border. It can be particularly hard to transport on during the rainy period. Two other transitions between Myanmar and Thailand are not open to visitors from abroad.

However, persons holding Thai or Myanmar passes can use these routes. You are between Prachuap Khiri Khan and Tanintharyi Division and on the Three-Pagoda Pass between Sangkhlaburi (in Thailand's Kanchanaburi province) and Payathonzu in the Kayin state of Myanmar. If you cross the land border at Ruili (known as Shweli in Burma and in the Chinese Yunnan province) / Muse (Myanmar, Shan State), you must organize a specific trip packet through a foreign agency and request a temporary permit at least one months before your trip.

Guides and private transport are also necessary. Myanmar Embassy in Kunming can tell you that the border is formally closed, but that probably won't be the case. Yangon, Mandalay and Kunming have all foreign consular offices or diplomatic missions where you can obtain visas (Myanmar or China).

Mong La border crossing is currently closed. There is a crossroads between Moreh (India, Manipur State) and Tamu (Myanmar, Sagaing Division) in isolated northwest Myanmar. Crossing this check point requires a permission, which must be applied for at least one months in advanced.

While permissions are needed to cross the border, foreign nationals can now move around these parts of Sagaing Division (Myanmar) and Manipur State (India) at will. At the moment, the border between India and Myanmar in the far northern part of the state of Kachin on the Pangsau Pass is closed to foreign nationals. While we do provide a number of cross-country trips to Myanmar, please be aware that we are not able to provide one-off border crossing authorizations - when you make a reservation through us, you must take a Myanmar Authorities guide for at least a portion of your trip and we must always take care of our customers' security.

Entering Myanmar with your own motorcycle (motorhome, motorhome or motorcycle ) is subject to specific authorisation and must be escorted by a driver and sometimes a representative of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. Our experienced in routing, guidance, accomodation and logistic services will be happy to work with you on your long-haul journey to Myanmar (permits usually take at least one month).

Please be aware that bicycle groups also require a permit for border crossing points.

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